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Q: Does a land turtle need to live in an aquarium?
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What will a fish need to live on land?

A aquarium xD

How do you take care of 3 and a half inch snapping turtle?

A snapping turtle will need a box or aquarium to live in. He will need food and water and some rocks and plants.

How long can red-eared slider turtles live?

Wild red eared sliders live about 20 years. Red eared sliders that live in an aquarium (that has a filter and a heater) can live up to 85 years. You always need to have a light for any aquarium turtle to rest in the "sun" or your turtle will not be that happy... I have one and is eight years so Turt has a long way to go.

Does a painted turtle need a light in their aquarium?

yes, is the short answer. but there is a lot more to it than that

What kind of ground do snails need to live in to live in an aquarium?

They can just live in an aquarium with the normal pebbles on the bottom that all fish live in.

Do box turtles need water?

it can but it is mostly a land turtle or tortoise.> Yo im sorry but your turtle does need enough water to cover his entire body but i agree he is a land turtle so he needs a lot of land

Does anyone need me to adapt there turtle or squid on happy aquarium?

there are turtle, squid and penguin available for adopt, if your friend found any lost orphan by click on the adopt you will get a chance adopt orphans sources:

Does a fish need oxygen to live in an aquarium?


What water does the hermit crab live in?

Salt water hermit crabs need to live in ocean water that has been properly set up (like a reef aquarium). Land hermit crabs need access to both fresh and salt water but live the majority of their lives on land.

How often do you have to change turtle aquarium gravel?

You do not have to change the gravel in the aquarium, but it does need to be cleaned. You can do this using a gravel vacuum that is made for aquariums, and make it a regular routine such as a weekly routine.

What habitat does the turtle live in?

mostly water and land you'll need a water pan for the turtle to soak in whenever he wants to. Feed fruits and veggeis, and earthworms and insects. They like dirt or mulch to dig into.

Why does not your turtle eat?

A turtle that won't eat is probably sick. It could be as simple as insufficient warmth. Consult an expert at the pet store about sort of temperature a turtle aquarium should be. You may also need to see a vet.

Do all turtles need dry land?

No, it depends on the type "turtle."

Why do turtle come up on land?

they need to basket for vitamin 3d

What size aquarium does a baby PAINT turtle need?

10 gallon if its only 2 inches and a 20 gallon for 4 inches

What do you need to own your first saltwater aquarium?

All you need is an aquarium, a filter, a lighting system, sand, live rocks, some saltwater, and something to start the cycle.

Where does a sea turtle need to live?

water or sometimes air

Does a baby turtle need a big tank?

A baby turtle does not need a tank as their mother lays their eggs in the sand near the ocean where they live.

Do you need to control the hardness and softness in the aquarium that tropical fish live in?


Can turtles live on land?

yes. turtles can live on land, yet they need water to live. but yes they can live on land.

Why do you need land to live?

This is a strange question. You obviously need land to live because you can not live in the sea for sustained periods of time.

Does aquarium need to be heated?

most of the time but with betta fish no they can live at room tepature

What is habitat of a turtle?

It depends on the species of turtle. Some are water turtles like the red eared slider and some are land turtles like the box turtle. You would need to know the species to know the preferred habitat. If keeping the turtle as a pet, you'll want to create a habitat similar to that they would have in the wild.For red ear sliders, yellow bellied sliders and water turtles, they will need a large aquarium with a filter and aeration. They need heat lamps and a docking platform so they can get out of the water and bask to dry their shell. They need UVA and UVB light in order to digest food and stay healthy.Land turtles, including the gulf coast box turtle, need a box of soil mixture, a water bowl, a hiding place and a heat lamp. For the substrate, use a mixture of soil and moss.

What do a aquarium need?

well next time it;s what DOES AN AQUARIUM NEED and they need water and fish

Why can't tadpoles live on land and why can frogs live on land?

they can't live in land because they can die. the frogs in another hand can live in land,but need to be careful of what their prey can be.