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A turtle that won't eat is probably sick. It could be as simple as insufficient warmth. Consult an expert at the pet store about sort of temperature a turtle aquarium should be. You may also need to see a vet.

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Q: Why does not your turtle eat?
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What kind turtle can you eat?

you can eat an african sea turtle

Can turtle eat candy?

No, a turtle can't eat candy.

Can a predator eat a turtle when its in the shell?

An alligator could eat a turtle in its shell, and a shark could eat a sea turtle in its shell.

How much seafood should a turtle eat?

a turtle should eat as much seafood as a turtle can but not so much seafood that the turtle is sick

Can a turtle eat a round tomato?

Try it. Get a turtle and a round small tomato and see if the turtle can eat the round tomato.

Will a snapping turtle eat a cat?

No a snapping turtle will not eat a cat! So it is impossible!

What animals eat the white turtle head?

the dear eat the white turtle head

Can a turtle eat you?

It can hurt you but not eat you!

Will an adult turtle eat a baby turtle?

they will not eat them once they have hatched but are knowed to eat another turtle's eggs

Can a marble go in a cage with a turtle?

I think if a turtle is big enough it can eat the marble .and that wouldn't be healthy or safe for the turtle so if the marble is small and is with the turtle the turtle could defenitly eat it so,no.

Can my goldfish hurt my turtle?

if the goldfish is smaller then the head of the turtle, it will eat it! if it is bigger then half of the shell it will be fine but not if your turtle gets bigger. if the fish is to big to eat but small enough for your turtle to target, it may kill it, or try to eat it and choke, killing your turtle.

Can a cat eat a turtle?

It depends on how vicious your cat is, but most house cats will not eat a turtle.

Can a big turtle eat a little turtle?

No big turtles cant eat little turtles!

How do you know if you have overfed a turtle?

if you over feed a turtle he probally won't eat for a while. i had a turtle that didn't eat for like two weeks

Will a turtle eat a fish if they were best friends since they were babies?

Animals do not make friendships as we do. The turtle would eat the fish if it was a carnivorous turtle.

How does a turtle shell protect a turtle?

turtles have shells because animals that eat turtles can't eat the turtle because it has a strong shell.

Does a raccoon eat a leatherback?

A raccoon will not eat an adult sea turtle. However, they will eat sea turtle eggs and hatchlings.

What eats a green turtle?

Wigmonts eat the green turtle

What would eat a sea turtle?

Me... Turtle soup, yum!

What can a baby turtle eat?

It can eat cake

What does a turtle eat and when?

they eat jellyfish and when ever the can

Will your big turtle eat your baby turtle?

Im not sure aboutr this but i think the big turtle doesnt eat the smaal one unless they fight.

Is it good to eat turtle eggs?

It's definitely not good for the turtle! Many turtle species are endangered and it could be illegal if you eat those varieties.

What if the turtle does not eat?

If a turtle doesn't eat for several days, you should take it to the vet. When an animal doesn't eat it could be the sign of all kinds of different things. Remember, a turtle doesn't have to eat every day, and they don't have to eat a lot. A large turtle can live on one banana a week.

How does a turtle get its food and what does it eat?

a water turtle will eat worms, raw meat, and sometimes a banana for a treat.