Does a larger amount of society dislike homosexuality or vice versa?

I think large amounts of society will be tolerent towards homosexuality (assuming you are in a developed nation with a liberal society) if not they will be hostile towards you.Even in developed nations there could be pockets of extremists who don't like homosexuality.However, large parts of society maybe tolerent towards homosexuals but they wouldn't really like homosexuality. For example there maybe some christians who don't like Muslims but will tolerate them in their neighbourhood and won't actually attack them and vice versa.

Homosexuals on the other hand usually like to blend in (keep their lives a secret)or stand up and be vocal about their sexual status, and may resent society for not accepting them and may dislike that but I think all homosexuals want to be a part of society thus even though they may resent it I doubt they actually hate society coz all they want to do is blend in not destroy it.