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Depends on the male if it usually goes in the nest then yes

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Q: Does a male parakeet take care of the eggs when the female parakeet dies?
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What do I do when Mother parakeet dies after eggs hatch?

Consult a vet about how to care for baby parakeets, and don't expect miracles.

Will a father parakeet take care of the baby parakeets?

yes! when the eggs are hatched the male will help the female feed the babies.

How do you take care of the eggs your parakeet has?

unless it was fertalized by a male parakeet, their is nothing you can do about it. if it was fertalized, then you let the parakeet take care of its egg. simple as that

How does a blue-ringed octopus care for its babies?

The female lays eggs and carries them under her arms for about six months until they hatch. Once this happens the female dies. It does not care for its babies to to the fact that it dies... the babies take care of themselves from then and on.

Does the male parakeet have the eggs or does the female?

The female. Males of most species of any animal can't lay eggs.

Why did a female parakeet kill a male parakeet when he went into her bag?

Female parakeet may be aggressive and sighted the bird as a territory threat or vice-versa. Female birds become anxious if they have eggs

Why would a female parakeet attack another parakeet's eggs?

to make sure her young have a chance at survival

Is it normal for a parakeet to lay 9 eggs?

Yes, it is. A female parakeet can lay 4 to 9 eggs, laying one every second day.

Can a female parakeet lay ten eggs?

No they can only lay up to eight eggs

Does a female squid die after laying eggs?

yes they do die after laying eggs. she stopps eating a tending to herself to care for her eggs then she dies after they all hatch.

How long does it take perico eggs to hatch?

Perico is the Spanish word for Parakeet. Parakeet eggs start to hatch about 18 days after the female begins to incubate them.

When does the female parakeet lay her eggs?

After the parakeet molts and starts looking older it will soon enough lay an egg.

How do I know my Parakeet is going to lay eggs?

First, your parakeet must be female (look at the small colored strip of flesh above their beak) and second, they must be an adult bird. If your parakeet does not have a mate, she may lay eggs, but they will not hatch- they are not fertilized eggs.

When do parakeets eggs hatch?

Parakeet eggs typically hatch between 17 and 21 days. Both the male and female will take care of the young, so be sure to give them plenty of soft foods.

How do you keep a parakeet eggs from hatching without the female parakeet there by its side?

not sure what you are asking but if you lose the hen the male will still sit and raise them alone

Can a female parakeet have babeys without mating?

No, parakeets must have a mate in order to lay fertilized eggs. If they don't have a mate, the parakeet's eggs will be hatched unfertilized, meaning that they will not carry a baby.

Is your female parakeet going to die if she lays eggs?

No. Parakeets are supposed to lay many eggs, kind of like a chicken.

What do you do if your parakeets have eggs?

You put the eggs carefully in a box in the corner of your parakeet's cage. Then you make sure the box is warm and put the eggs in the warm box and put the mother and father next to it, so they can fertilize it . After that you will have a baby parakeet in need of care.

How many times will a parakeet lay eggs a year?

It depends on your parakeet. If the parakeet is a female over about 4 months old, they are capable of laying eggs If it does not have a mate, it usually will not lay any eggs, however its possible. Obviously these eggs will be infertile and will not hatch If she does have a mate, they will lay eggs as long as they have access to a nest box and breeding stimulus (such as extended daylight) It is healthy for a parakeet to lay up to 2 clutches of eggs a year. A clutch is usually 4 eggs. Any more than this and the birds health is endangered. Egg-laying uses up the calcium in the female bird (hen), so you will need to provide her with cuttlebone. Dont attempt breeding your birds unless you have thorougly researched it first. good luck

How do parakeets reproduce?

A female must be younger than the male and to make them mate put them together in a cage and soon the female is pregnant buy a little bird house so the female could lay eggs in peace dont bother the female and never touch the eggs or they will crack the eggs. When the eggs hatch, go to the shop and ask for parakeet food for parakeet food for babies. When the babies re old enough they will come out of the bird house but the mom might still stay ther but dont worry

How many eggs can a pinworm lay?

single female pinworm can lay 10,000 eggs and, after laying eggs, dies

What happens to female parakeets after they give birth?

Parakeets do not give birth to live babies but rather they lay eggs. Each batch of eggs is called a clutch. After the female parakeet lays the eggs she lays on them to keep them warm until they hatch.

What if a female parakeet is laying eggs without mating?

It's perfectly normal for parakeets to lay eggs without mating, the eggs are just infertile. Like hens lay eggs without roosters.

Do octopus die after reproducing?

yes the males die and then the female holds the eggs for about a month without eating, and after the eggs come out the female dies.

Can female take care of betta eggs?

The female Betta does not take care of the eggs. She doesn't because she will eat them and she has no interest for them.The father Betta protects and cleans the eggs until they have hatched.