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No, only female red eared sliders lay eggs.

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Yes. A male and female RES turtle will mate and the female will lay eggs.

Yes, like all other turtles Red Eared Slider Turtles lay eggs. There is no species of turtle that gives birth to live young.

it has to be with a boy or a girl to mate and she has to be acting funny

All turtles need to have mated in order to lay eggs, unlike birds who will lay infertile eggs, turtles won't.

Not many usually. the most they usually lay is about 5 or 6.

No. Semi-Aquatic Turtles like the Red eared Slider will only lay eggs on land, not under water.

They probably lay some where around 3 or 4SOMETIMES THEY LAY 1 OR 2 IT DEPENDS

They lay eggs just like every other cold blooded animal

anywhere from two to twenty times per breeding season

They lay about five or six depending on the sprim Great except I watched our red earred slider dig for an hour, lay her eggs, and upon unearthing them before the raccoons did, I counted 17 eggs. Must have been a lot of "sprim" eh? I am more concerened about the home made incubator temperature of the Protected sandy nest I have them in. (?)

Male birds do not lay eggs

do male cockatoos lay eggs

red eared sliders sometimes lay unfertilized eggs.

Yes, male turtles do lay eggs

There is no species of bird in which the male lays the eggs. Male emus do not lay the eggs, but they do incubate them.

The female crab lays the eggs, and not the male.

No! Hello, male birds do not ever lay eggs because they are MALE!

No, roosters do not lay eggs. Only hens lay eggs.

No - males do not lay eggs.

Male amphibians do not lay eggs.

They lay eggs daily, but if you want chicks you have to have a male to fertilize the eggs.

She could - but the eggs wouldn't hatch.

No. They do not lay eggs, the female lays the eggs.

A male stick insect will not lay eggs. However, a female stick insect is parthenogenetically, and can lay eggs without mating with a male.

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