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The date of last activity on your credit report. The best thing about medical debt, is they love to settle. Be sure to get the settlement in writing and your could save a lot of money. Why not, the insurance companies get huge ddiscounts

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Q: Does a medical debt start from the date of the medical treatment or the date of the first delinquency?
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The date of first delinquency should be the date that starts the clock for the 7 years. Meaning if you went 30 days late in April 2005, on a credit card, and then 60, 90 then 120, then the account would go to charge off status but the date of first delinquency would be April 2005. In CA, 4 years from the date of first delinquency is within the statute of limitations is in effect that a creditor or collection agency can sue you for the amount owed. This will vary from state to state, If the collection agency sells the collection to another collection company, the start date is the date of first delinquency, April 2005. If the collection agency changes the date, that is called re-aging and is illegal unless you set up new terms with collection agency

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