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If they want to become a citizen then the answers yes but if not the answers no.

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How many years does it take a migrant to become an Australian?

It is up to the individual migrant as to how soon they are capable of taking the citizen test, which allows them to receive citizenship.

When does a migrant become Australian?

When they take the citizen test, and receive citizenship. Often this will be formally presented at a meeting of the local council, or a citizenship ceremony especially on Australia Day.

Do children need to take the ten question oral test in order to get their US citizenship?

No, they do not.

What test do you take to become a US citizen?

You have to take the United States Citizenship test. The test is given by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

When does a migrant become a citizen?

a migrant becomes a citizen when he or she has taken the citizen test and receive citizenship, in Australia it is quicker than in Canada (that's why migrants from New Zealand do not like to move in Canada)

You were born in US but you lost your citizenship how can you get it back?

you can take a citizenship test

How can you get back your us citizenship?

You take the citizenship test That's what they told me...

What test did people have to take before they voted?

citizenship test

When does a migrant become Australian citizen?

When they take the citizen test, and receive citizenship. Often this will be formally presented at a meeting of the local council, or a citizenship ceremony especially on Australia day. At least that's what i found anyway....... there's more answers around on the Internet as well.

What is the order for the citizenship test?

take the oath, mail it, study for it,take the test and then shout up about it

Do you have to take the citizenship test if i marriad to a citizan?


How are Canadian citizenship requirements different from Russian citizenship requirements?

Canada requires people applying for citizenship to take a test, but Russia does not.

Can you take the Canadian citizenship test in Punjabi?

yes i want to test in punjabi

Where you can book citizenship test in huddersfield?

citizenship test centre

How can you become a us citizen at birth?

if you were born there, or if you take a citizenship test there.

Do you have to be married to take the citizenship test?

No, unless you are an not a legal citizen already.

How old do you have to be to not take a citezenship test?

There is no age exemption for citizenship testing.

What is the name of the place to take the citizenship test?

at your local USCIS office

How old do you have to be to take the citizenship test?

To take the citizenship test, the applicant must be at least 18 years old. If the applicants parents are naturalized, children younger than 18 automatically obtain citizenship as long as all other requirements for residency are met.

What do you need to successfully apply for US citizenship?

Have a permanent resident status in the US (green card),Have a good and clear criminal background,Be able to communicate in English,Live in the US for at least 5 years (have to be physically present for this period),Apply for citizenship and, when told, take the citizenship test,Finally, upon approval, you'll be invited to a citizenship ceremony, take the oath for citizenship, and receive your citizenship certificate.

How would one go about applying for citizenship in Canada?

Firstly, one would have to determine whether they are eligible for Canadian citizenship. One can take a test on the Government of Canada website. Secondly, one would have to prepare for the citizenship test and, lastly, get proof of citizenship.

How long does it take after the Canadian citizenship test for the oath ceremony to take place?

They generally advise you how long it will take at the test, but it took us exactly 2 months to the day we did the test.

How long does it take to become a citizen?

taking the nationalist test gives you citizenship

Where should I go to get a citizenship test?

The citizenship test can be done in one of the USCIS specific locations where you will be told to do it after you complete the application and fingerprint steps prior to this. You will be sent a letter explaining the specific address where you will have to go to take a test.

If a us citizen marries a citizen from Argentina do they have citizenship in Argentina?

no they have 2 take the test im from there you would have to take a citizenship test. ----------- Much like in the U.S., a foreigner first needs to apply to become a legal resident. Then after 2 years of uninterrupted residency, the person is allowed to apply for citizenship.

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