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No, a mouse is main prey for a weasel

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How do you get way of the weasel in simanimals?

get a weasel to be friends with a mouse .

Can a weasel eat a bunny?

... no a weasel can't eat a bunny.

What animals eat rodents?

fox cat bird of prey owl piranha! snake weasel (evil grasshopper) mouse and others

Can a snake eat a weasel?

A large enough snake could eat a weasel, yes.

Could a weasel eat a hawk?

Are You Really Asking THis NO A Weasel CANT EAT A HAWK

Will a weasel eat a peacock?

If it can catch it, and kill it, yes, a weasel could eat a peacock.

Can a fox eat a weasel?

Yes, the fox is a predator of the weasel

What could eat a weasel?

A tiger, lion, alligator ect. Any cannibal "could" eat a weasel

What does a weasel eat?

dependa but they can eat squirles

Do snakes eat weasel?


What does the arctic weasel eat?

a arcic weasel eats bearberrys and a pasque flower.

What book follows Cat and Mouse by James Patterson?

The book Pop Goes the Weasel follows Cat and Mouse.

Can a weasel eat a rabbit?


Does a weasel eat a snake?


What is an example of a prairie food chain?

mouse hawk weasel wolf hunter

What is a small animal that has sharp teeth?

Rat, mouse, weasel, stoat, ferret,

When does the weasel eat day or night?

they mostly eat at night

Do weasel cats eat domestic cats?

No, not at all I have a weasel and a cat and the cat and weasel play fight and sleep together so no they don't

What other consumers and producers does a weasel eat?

A weasel doesn't eat producers, just consumers, they eat things like mice, worms, slugs and mall birds.

Would a lynx eat a weasel?

Well yes in a rare occasion a lynx would eat weasels, raccoons, and even minks. If the lynx is hungry and the weasel is available for it to eat.

What are pippa funnell's dogs called?

Her dogs are called Mouse,Zippy,Weasel and Tom

What does weasel eat?

Children. Human Children.

What do weasel eat?

Small farm animals

Can a weasel eat a chicken?

Yes, and they often do.

What does the least weasel eat?

I don't now

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