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It depends on the states you live in and the age of the child.

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A sow. ANSWER 2 A female pig is born a gilt. The female remains a gilt until she becomes pregnant. At the point the female is pregnant she then becomes a sow.

A female becomes pregnant when a male injects his sperm(dick) into her vagina. In which fertilized the females egg's= in which, she becomes pregnant!

The minor female could not arbitrarily change residences without the permission of the custodial parent or the court. In addition, the custodial parent would not be required to pay support unless the non custodial parent filed for primary custody and support payments and the court granted the petition. The parent paying child support is legally obligated to continue with the terms of the court order until said order is rescinded or amended. To cease the action, regardless of the change of circumstances would place the parent in a position of contempt of a court order.

No, it will often take them a couple more times to mate before she becomes pregnant.

support weight when you get pregnant Hope this helps :D

No. However, States will provide public assistance to eligible parents (male or female) and pursue the non-custodial parent for support.

a male and a female have sex, then when the male's sperm binds with one of the female's eggs', then the female becomes pregnant. 9 months later, the female has a baby. ( a miracle)

A bitch (female canine) becomes pregnant by having sex with a dog! The word dog implies a male canine, and male canines cannot become pregnant.

They both have pouches. It is the male sea-horse (not the female) that has a pouch, and becomes pregnant.

A female elephant becomes sexually mature at around the age of 13 years.

They have babies when a male and female couple of childbearing age have sexual intercourse together and the woman becomes pregnant.

After mating, a female tiger becomes pregnant with up to seven cubs. The female gives birth alone to cubs that weigh around four pounds at birth.

Approximately 63 days. The female only becomes pregnant once a year, unlike Domestic dogs.

To get your female nintendogs pregnant all you have to do is feed the male and female milk and dry food only. You cannot take the female on walks or put her in contests only the male can do so, but it's best you take neither. Let them cuddle and snuggle with each other. If you have a smiling dog record or a friendly whiff record play them, and last but not least if your female nintendogs becomes noticeably fatter it may be pregnant.

The life cycle on an elephant stars with mating and then the female becomes pregnant. After birth, the young one is nursed until it becomes sexually mature and the cycle repeats itself.

Once a female has her period, she is then fertile and can become pregnant.

When a male and a female get horny and sexual and lay down and the male sticks his dick and in a woman's vagina and gets her pregnant with have sperm and the female becomes pregnant and gets rushed to a hospital while she curses because of the pain and then the baby gets pulled out.

Baby elephants are born just like humans. When the parents, a male and a female elephant mate, the female elephant becomes pregnant. After a gestation period the baby elephant is born.

After the female becomes pregnant, she will become very aggressive toward the male. At that point you should separate them. If you do not, the male is going to be severely abused by the female.

Baby elephants are born just like humans. When the parents, a male and a female elephant mate, the female elephant becomes pregnant. After a gestation period the baby elephant is born.

female penguins do not become pregnant. They lay eggs.

Yes, a female no longer goes into heat if they are pregnant.

A pregnant doe. All female rats are called does :)

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