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Does a normal Nintendo ds have a touch screen?


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Yes. All Nintendo DS' have touch screens. The difference between the regular and the Lite is the size and weight of the device.


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The lower screen is a touch sensitive screen.

The Nintendo DS was specifically created because it HAD a touch screen. Therefore, its improved model the: Nintendo DS Lite would have to have a touch screen. Therefore, the even more improved model called: Nintendo DSi also has a touch screen. Hope this helps.

nintendo DS is game player. you can touch the screen of the DS and play it.

Yes,of course it is a type of DS after all

No its not. The only portable game system that has a touch screen is the Nintendo ds.

Are you asking what it is? It's the new version of Gameboy that has two screens. On one screen, you see your playing as normal. On the second screen, you can touch the screen to select what you want to.

For touching or writing on the touch screen.

The Nintendo DSi, like the two previous incarnations of the DS, has two screens, one a non-touch screen and one touch screen.

Yes it does. It also has two cameras and much more!

The Nintendo Ds features two built in screens one being a touch screen, no other monitor is needed.

you have to take it to a professional or send it to Nintendo to get it replaced otherwise its impossible

No Nintendo Ds games must be played on the Nintendo Ds system there is no output adapter. This is due to most Nintendo Ds games utilizing the Ds's touch screen for gameplay which cannot be duplicated on a TV.

It depends. If the touch screen works, but isn't clicking where you want it to, then you need to calibrate it. You can do this on the Settings. If the touchscreen is not responding at all, then sorry, you need a new Nintendo DS.

The 3ds has a smaller screen and the bottom screen is about the same size as a normal DS and the top is widescreen so its sorta bigger. not as big as the XL though, but its bigger then the normal ds (:

ok dude no offense but how do u not know how to use a Nintendo ds!! it really depends on the game but for ALL Nintendo ds games there is a touch screen that you use your stylus for but there is a top screen too but it is not as hard as you think otherwise it is like a GBA

You need to about calibrate your ds about one time every three weeks. The reason you need to calibrate the screen is that the Nintendo has a touch screen, so it depends where you touch it. If you calibrate the screen very very closely you will get the exact touch on the screen. Once I didn't calibrate it and i missed a big chance of doing something on my Nintendo. GOOD LUCK!!!

A "Nintendo DS" is a hand held game system. It has two screens the bottom the touch screen where you can control functions with this screen, and the top screen (the normal screen) lets you see what you are controlling. The games packs for the "Nintendo DS" are very small. The Ds also has a "Pictochat mode" it allows you to talk and draw pictures with each other the chat rooms (A,B,C and D) hold up to 16 people. The DS can also play "Gameboy games." (The touch screen is not usable for the Gameboy games). The DS can play many games from "Call of Duty" to "Mario games".

because ds stands for dual screen

You go to the Nintendo DS settings and you pick the screen icon.

Nintendo ds is older, fatter, dark screen Nintendo ds lite is thin, bright screen so you can actually see and buttons are better

The DS in Nintendo DS means Dual Screen because the Nintendo DS has two screens. Or, it could mean Dream Scape, but Dual Screen is more likely :)

only if you purchased it and the screen was broken when u took it out of the box, not if you broke it.

It stands for Dual Screen, as the Nintendo ds has two screens

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