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No of course not. Unless it has that sort of personality

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Can the parakeet birds mate at the cage if the nesting box is on the center of the cage?

Yes, I believe they can.

Should a male parakeet cage mate be male or female?


Should father parakeet be taken out of cage?

No! He helps his mate to feed her and the chicks and help raise them. He should definetly not be removed from the cage.

Can a male cocktail mate with a female parakeet?

i got a parakeet just 1.but next 2 the cage i have a par of cocktail parakeet had 2eggs in the the cage this am thinken maybe the boy cocktail had sex with it throw the gate it sounds funny but i swair this is lie can somebody anser this 4 me whats good....

Can a parakeet mate with a canary?

Not successfully.

Can an older male parakeet mate with a young female parakeet?

yes, animals do not discriminate by age

Can a parakeet mate with a lovebird?

No. The two birds could be companion birds, but they couldn't mate.

What does it mean if your parakeet keeps trying to stand on top of your other parakeet?

Sounds like he is attempting to mate with it.

When does a parakeet has babies?

When they mate after 5 weeks or so..

Where do hamsters mate?

they usually mate in a bed jk they mate in their cage

Can the parakeet birds mate if the nesting box is on the center of the cage?

birds on the ground are in the preditors zone . so if given a choice no they wouldn't nest there. but if that's where it's at they might . but they will never feel safe there.

What season can Parakeet mate?

anytime! mostly in spring though

Are guieny pig happy even without a cage mate?

Guinea pigs are definitley happier with a cage mate.

Will a baby rat be compatible with a parakeet and can they live together in the same cage?

since no one has answered you... I thought I would let you know my rat killed and ate my two gerbils. I let her out for a while and she found a way into the gerbil cage and she attacked them. ick. Another rat I had killed it's cage mate (rat).

Is you bought your parakeet at a pet store will it still be able to mate?


Can a male parakeet mate with a female canary?

Talk about your serious, Erection

Can one female parakeet mate with two males?

yeah by doing it

How old does a parakeet has to be to mate and lay eggs?

1 year old

What does it mean when a parakeet chirps out high-pitched shrieks?

This means that your parakeet is either scared if you keep trying to pick it up, or if its a male parakeet its calling to the female even if you only have a male parakeet it wants to find a mate.

How can you tell the sex of a parakeet?

It is difficult to impossible to tell the sex of a parakeet. Many pet owners only find out the sex of their birds when they mate.

How long does it take a parakeet to start breeding?

it really depends on what type of parakeet you have and what environment they live in...they need to have a friendly and not mean mate too..

Why do parakeets chirp?

a parakeet chirps when they are happy, sad, lonely, or trying to mate.

Will a male parakeet accept another mate after the female dies?

Normally, yes.

How do you know when a male and female parakeet are about to mate?

the male will start feeding the hen

Where is the best place for rabbits to mate?

in a cage