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It is very unlikely unless you have penis extension surgery.

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Does a penis get bigger with age?

My husband's is significantly bigger than when we married. He was 26 then and he is 36 now. So I presume they get bigger with age.

What age does your penis start to get bigger?

When you hit puberty

How can you make your penis bigger when your 17 year of age?

You can't but if you are still growing then your penis will be also.

Does your penis get bigger during puberty like how you get taller in height?

yes,your penis gets bigger until your around the age of 19 to 20

What age does teenage boys penis start to get bigger?

Any where from when puberty starts 10-18years of age

At what age will your penis get bigger?

anytime from 11 to 16. Different for every person.

How long does it take your penis to get bigger?

It takes time and your penis is the last the last organ to grow in your body so your penis grows during age so dont worry about it ;-)

What is the handstreching methed for getting your penis bigger?

There are no exercises that make your penis bigger.

How does the male penis change over time?

It gets bigger at puberty, and then slowly shrinks with age.

Does massaging your penis with your hands make it bigger?

No, massaging or touching penis with hands does not help in making penis bigger,

I am 18 and I have a 6.25 inch penis will it get bigger when im 21?

NO! you have a very small penis.LOSER! ur puberty stops at that age. too bad. :(

You are 22 years old will your penis get bigger?

The penis generally stops growing around the age of 21, so it is doubtful if it will grow any further.

What exercises can make your penis bigger?

There is no exercise that you can do to make your penis bigger. It is not a muscle that can be "worked out."

Does grapefruit make penis bigger by taking supplements?

Grapefruit will not make your penis bigger.

Do clementines make your penis bigger?

No the only thing that can make your penis bigger is surgery.

Your penis is as long as your middle finger is that normal?

It depends on your age, if you are an adolescent, you still have a chance for it to grow bigger.

Will your penis get any bigger?

it depends on your age but when your in your teens your still growing but if your not den dats all it will grow

At what age does your penis get bigger?

It starts to grow when you reach pubertyDuring puberty. Ages 12 - 19

What vitaman makes your penis bigger?

None, nothing you can take will magically make your penis bigger.

When does your penis get bigger?

Your penis will start growing quicker when you hit Puberty. It will continue to grow all through this period and up until around 20 years of age. Your penis gets bigger when you have an Erection. Boys can get an erection at random or when sexually excited. This enlargement is only temporary though.

If your penis is only 10centermeters long erect at age 13 is it small?

No. you're still growing and will eventually get bigger, maybe even MUCH bigger. You shouldn't be worried at this age. Your penis doesn't stop growing until youre 18-21, so you have plenty of time to grow and develop

Is it true the bigger the shoe size the bigger the penis?


Is it true the bigger your feet the bigger your penis?

No. It is not true that the bigger your feet the bigger your penis. Foot size does not afflect any part of the human stimulous body part

If you where no underwear will your penis get bigger?

Can your penis get bigger if you beet it?