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No, although many gangsters may be black it is not a requirement. Unless you are talking about gang members. In that case it would depend wether or not it is an all black gang.

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Are Black Mafia Family Gangster Disciples?

No, The Black Mafia Family is their own gang, and the Gangster Disciples don't exist anymore, all of them flipped to the Black Mafia Family.

What is does the gang Gd mean?

Gangster Disciple or Black Gangster Disciple. They are part of Folk Nation.

Why do black girls hate nice black males?

It has always been a stereotype that black people are mean, rude or gangster so some black females want to find a black male that is what they consider as gangster, which means they can be mean.

Black a gang color?

Gangster disciples gang

Is mc magic a gangster?

MC Magic is NOT a gangster. He is a very humble, romantic person. He reps AZ, brown pride, and his record company, but he is no gangster.

Are the Gangster Disciples Folks?

The Folk Nation doesn't even exist anymore, the Gangster Disciples are still around, but they're under the Black Mafia Family.Side Notes:The Gangster Disciples are NOT Crips, they do NOT wear the color blue, the Gangster Disciples(as well as all gangs under the Black Mafia Family) wear black.

What is a gangster?

A "gangster" is commonly known as a person who is a member of an organized crime mob, and engages in criminal activity.

Is Oscar gangster?

yes he is extremely gangster in fact he is the most gangsterest person ever. Apart from Leo.

Was Frank Nitti a black man?

No, he was an Italian-American gangster.

What gang is associated with the color black?

The Gangster Disciples Nation.

Is young jeezy gd?

Jeezy is a member of the Black Mafia Family. GD is a set not a gang under the real gang which is called Black Mafia Family.

What is a gangster exactly?

A person who does drugs. A sexy guy.

How do you be a gangster on club penguin?

You Cant Be A Gangster But You Could Purchase And Wear All Black Clothes And Act Like A Gangster That's As Gangster As You Can Be I Think And Also People Always 'Steal' (No Actual Money Is Made Or Stolen) You Could Also Do That

What are the ranks of black Gangster Disciples?

They're not called ''Black Gangster Disciples'' anymore, they shortened it to just Gangster Disciples. And if u wanna know a lil about them ask around in the streets they're all over the Mid-West & Southern states.

What does the gang GD stand for?

Gangster Disciples, it was originally Black Gangster Disciples Nation

What is the gang that wears black and blue?

gangster disciplescripssurenosThe Gangster Disciples Nation, which is a gang under the Folk Nation wear the color Black, they also wear gray & sometimes blue.

How do you dress like a bully?

Black Trackies black hoodie maybe some trainers like a chav or a gangster

What are the Gangster Disciples?

The Black Gangster Disciples aka the Gangster Disciples Nation is a gang that is under the Folk Nation. They got their start in the 1950's and their founders are Larry Hoover and David Barksdale. They formed in Chicago, ILL.

How do you make a gangster outfit for a 13yr old girl?

skinny jeans, black leather jacket, black shirt , and black make up

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