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It has to be in service if you want to call or text anyone.

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Q: Does a prepaid phone have to be out of service or in service?
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Can i buy a phone from a prepaid carrier and use the phone without its service?

No. The fact it is prepaid makes it used only by that carrier.

How do you switch a plan phone to prepaid?

Unfortunately, prepaid phones are only programed for prepaid service. For more details, please contact the phone company you wish you switch to.

Budgeting with Prepaid Cell Phone Service?

Those who find their cell phone service bills are high due to their tendency to go over their limit on plan minutes or text messages could benefit from switching over to prepaid cell phone service. Prepaid cell phone service allows users to budget their cell phone expenses and pay for them in advance. With prepaid cell phone services, users can hold themselves to the limits they set with their prepaid amount and not suffer from unexpected overage expenses at the end of payment periods. Because their payments are made in advance, prepaid cell phone service users also avoid earning additional fees for late payments.

How do you disconnect your prepaid cell phone service?

Call 611

Is there any kind of contract involved with a prepaid cell phone?

There is no contract with repaid cell phone service. One of the best deals around is the boost moble prepaid blackberry service.

How is a prepaid cell phone different?

Prepaid service is phone service in which you pay for a certain amount of minutes and if you run out the phone will not be usuable until you purchase more minutes. They are good for people who do not use their phone alot but as you use more minutes it becomes cheaper to just get a regular phone service.

What is good and bad about prepaid mobile phones?

A prepaid phone service is a bit more expensive than a contract phone service. They can be cheaper if you need a disposable phone so someone can't track your regular number.

Cheap prepaid phone options, and what is the service like?

Verizon provides inexpensive prepaid phone options with great reception. For no frills service, it is surprisingly reliable as well as getting excellent coverage.

Getting the Most out of Your Prepaid Phone Service?

Are you sick of getting little for what you pay for with your prepaid phone? Do you feel as if you�re forking over too much money for limited service. Lots of people can get this feeling about their prepaid phone service without looking over the plans carefully. Typically, prepaid phones come with various prepaid plans that offer different features. In the majority of cases, the best deal for prepaid phone service is the unlimited plan. These plans function very similarly to a regular cell phone bill, and you won�t be forking much more over than you originally would have if you paid by the minute.

What does one have to do to qualify for a free prepaid cell phone?

Most of the time, one doesn't need to do anything to qualify for a free prepaid cell phone. One can get a prepaid cell phone by talking to a local cell phone service provider such as Rogers.

Where can I find prepaid internet service online?

Xanadoo is a prepared high speed internet service. Some cellphone services that have prepaid phone services also provided prepaid internet services.

Can you buy a regular ATT phone and use it on prepaid service?


Can you use an alltel prepaid phone on a alltel regular plan?

Yes you can, if the service person will reprogram the prepaid phone to your plan. Some will and others will say it can not be done. I have a freedom alltel prepaid changed to my very old 9.99 per month service plan.

Residential Phone Service?

form_title= Residential Phone Service form_header= Install a landline in your home today with help from the pros. How much is your budget for the prepaid service?*= _ [50] When did you want the prepaid service to start?*= _ [50] Would you consider prepaying for an extended period of service?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure

What is a prepaid phone?

A prepaid phone is a phone that you pay as you go .

What to look for with prepaid cell phone plans?

I would look at T-mobile's prepaid service. Its available at most wal mart and T-mobile stores. They offer the best rates for any prepaid service.

If you have an att phone that is not in service can you buy a prepaid card and activate it again?


What are the cheapest cell phone prepaid plans?

Boost mobile is the cheapest cell phone prepaid plan. Not only does it include cell phone service, it has wifi and mobile internet access and texting.

Can an iPhone 4 be prepaid?

Yes, an iPhone 4 can be prepaid. Many prepaid phone companies, such as Straight Talk, Virgin Mobile, and Page Plus, allow customers to use iPhones on prepaid service.

What is the price penalty for prepaid wireless?

There are no penalties in a prepaid phone plan. You can cancel the service at any time without a cancellation fee like with a regular phone service. If you run out of minutes then you just wont be able to call anymore.

Can you change your contract phone into a prepaid phone?

can you change a prepaid phone into a conctract phone

What should what should I do if your phone says Prepaid service disabled?

Usually it means you have to get a phone card that should help.

What does it mean on a straight talk phone if it says prepaid service disabled?

It simply means that your phone is not active/activated.

What are the highest rated phone companies?

The top five phone companies for pay as you go are Net10, PlatinumTel Prepaid, T-Mobile Prepaid, AT&T Prepaid and Boost Mobile. Each has their own features for their service and coverage area.

Can you get a data plan only from a wireless service provider to use on your prepaid phone with a different service provider?