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Does a prokaryotic cell have cytosol?

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Yes, absolutely, as cytosol is another term for Cellular Cytoplasm - of and from which All Cells are both composed and comprised.

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Are Cytosol found in Eukaryote?

Cytosol is the liquid "goo" inside a cell, and I can't think of any (eukaryotic or prokaryotic) that don't have cytosol. So yes, eukaryotic cells do contain cytosol.

Where in a cell does aerobic respiration occur?

Aerobic respiration starts in the cytosol and then continues in the mitochondria of eukaryotic cells (and in the cytosol of prokaryotic cells).

Name 4 components found in the prokaryotic cell?

External structures of a prokaryotic cell include glycocalyces, flagella, fimbriae, and pili. Most prokaryotic cells have a cell wall. Prokaryotic cells have a cytoplasmic membrane, cytosol, and inclusions. The nonmembranous organelles found in a prokaryotic cell are ribosomes and the cytoskeleton.

Does the animal cell have cytosol?

No there is no cytosol in the animal cell

Where does pyruvate oxidation occur in prokaryotic cells?


What is the function of a cytosol in a plant cell?

Cytosol is the skelton of plant cell

What is the job of cytosol?

What is the cytosol? The internal fluid of the cell What does it do? Where a portion of cell metabolism occurs.

Does cytosol count as a cell organelle?

No, an organelle is defined as a structure in a cell suspended in the cytosol.

What is a Cytosol job?

Cytosol is the internal fluid of the cell and where a portion of cell metabolism occurs. The cytosol has enzymes that take molecules and break them down.

How do prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells alike?

They both have ribosomes, plasma membranes, and cytosol. Cell walls are present in eukaryotic plant cells as well as in the majority of prokaryotes.

Which parts of the cell are prokaryotic?

If a cell is prokaryotic, the whole cell is prokaryotic. A cell cannot be partially prokaryotic because it cannot only have part of s nucleus

What is the function of a cytosol?

The cytosol contains the cytoskeleton which gives the cell its shape and can help in the movement of the cell. The cytosol has no single function and is instead the site of a wide variety of cell processes. The function is to save the cell from dirt and germs.

Is paramecium a prokaryotic cell?

Paramecium is a Eukaryotic cell, not a Prokaryotic cell

Example of an prokaryotic cell?

an example of a prokaryotic cell is a bacteria cell.

Is a cell membrane a prokaryotic cell?

In order for a cell to be prokaryotic, it must NOTcontain a nucleus. Parts of the cell, like the membrane, cannot be prokaryotic or eukaryotic. The cell as a whole is either prokaryotic or eukaryotic.

Is a cell wall found in a eukaryotic cell or prokaryotic cell?

It is found in a prokaryotic cell

A cell is filled with a fluid called the cytosol What is the main component of the cytosol?


What is part of a prokaryotic cell?

A cell without a nucleus is called prokaryotic cell.

Is a cell with no nucleus called a prokaryotic cell?

no the prokaryotic cell also has nuclues

Does a prokaryotic cell have a cell wall?

Yes, prokaryotic cells have cell walls.

Is bacterium a prokaryotic cell or a eukaryotic cell?

Bacteria are prokaryotic

Is the rough ER in a prokaryotic cell or a eukaryotic cell?


Is the cytosol a animal cell or a plant cell?

they are both.

What do the cytosol and organelles make up?

Cytosol + organelles = cytoplasm. Cytoplasm is then surrounded by the cell membrane, forming an individual cell.

What does cytosol do?

The cytosol is like the water in a sea. It holds the organelles and other parts of the cell.