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Why would a public school bus be going to a Catholic school in the first place?

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Q: Does a public School Bus have the right not to transport kids to a Catholic school?
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Is Champlain Trail Public School a Catholic school?

I think you answered your own question. Champlain is a public school.

Is public school easier than catholic?

it really depends what public school it is, but usually public schools are easier.

Which is better Catholic school or public school?

public school is way better trust me i was in a public school but then my mom pulled me out and forced me to live with her and go to a stupid home school and it sux eggs so if you have a choice between public and home school choose public school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When was Saint Martin's Catholic High School created?

Maricourt Catholic High School was created in 1957.

Is Charter School is a middle school?

No. A "Charter School is a type of school like: Homeschool, Private, Public, Catholic and so on.:)

How many school days are there in Catholic school?

The same amount as a normal public school. It actually varies from school to school. There is no uniform number.

What is the name of the Catholic elementary school in Nunavut?

chainawa ding public elementry school

Can a different religion get in a Catholic school?

Not exactly. Not if you're trying to get into a catholic public school. However, if you are trying to get into a catholic high school there is a chance that they will accept you depending on your record and marks, but only a chance.

What kind of school is Catholic?

Catholic schools are schools that pay reference to God in school, whereas reference to God would be considered offensive to non catholic students in a public school. Catholic schools usually enforce a uniform policy and have higher standards than public schools.

Did Mitt Romney attend a Catholic school?

No. He attended public elementary schools and then attended Cranbrook School, which is a private boys preparatory school.

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