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Does a rectangle have congruent lines?

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Rectangles do not have congruent lines. A square can always be called a rectangle. But a rectangle can't always be a square.

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The difference btwwen a square and a rectangle is that a rectangle has two congruent lines.

A rectangle has two pairs of congruent (meaning identical) sides.If, however, you drew two lines diagonally from corner to corner, you would have two pairs of congruent triangles within the rectangle.

In some cases, a rectangle and a square can be congruent. A square is counted as a rectangle, thus a rectangle can be congruent to a square.

No. A rectangle has opposite sides congruent. If consecutive sides are also congruent, then your rectangle is a square.

No, a rectangle has to have four congruent angles.

That would be a rectangle.That would be a rectangle.That would be a rectangle.That would be a rectangle.

Another rectangle congruent means the same siz and shape

The answer depends on what it is supposed to be congruent to!

no there are not congruent..........congruent means same in which there not

Could a triangle and a rectangle ever be congruent? explain

The answer is no, if a rectangle's sides were congruent, it would be a square not a rectangle.

A rectangle has four congruent angles. There's your answer and thanks for asking!

That is very easy. a square and a rectangle .If you follow the two lines then you will see that the lines will never intersect

yes, all angles of a rectangle are 90 degrees and therefore congruent

Could a traingle and a rectangle ever be congruent? Explain.

RectangleA rectangle has 4 congruent angles, but two pairs of congruent sides instead of all sides being congruent.

"Square. Congruent means "the same". A rectangle with 4 sides that are the same is a square." Plus, it is not a rectangle. It is a polygon. The question should have been stated: What is a polygon with congruent sides?

No "if" is necessary in this case. All angles of a rectangle are congruent, by definition. Also, there is no "angle opposite a side" in a rectangle.

It can be :- 1- a parallelogram 2- Square if diagonals are perpendicular and congruent 3- Rectangle if diagonals are congruent 4- Rhombus if diagonals are perpendicular

Square. Congruent means "the same". A rectangle with 4 sides that are the same is a square.

To each other no But individually a rectangle can be and a triangle can have congruent angles or sides

All 4 angles of a rectangle are congruent each measuring 90 degrees

No, rectangles do not have congruent sides. Squares have congruent sides.

Yes, it normally has opposite congruent lengths and opposite congruent widths. The length of a rectangle is normally greater than its width.

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