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Q: Does a rifle need to be registered in order to sell it?
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If you purchased your car in Wisconsin and then registered it in Illinois do you need a Wisconsin title or an Illinois title to sell it in Wisconsin?

You need the title to be in whatever state you registered the vehicle in.

Do you have to have a license to own a sword?

There are no specific laws that require a license in order to own a sword. Some countries though, like Japan and Australia, need special licenses to buy and sell registered and authentic swords

I have a CRF 250X that was given to me but there was no mention of a title or a need for one - Do you need a title to sell a dirt bike?

No. Dirt bikes are usually not road registered (although it can be done) so there is no need for any paperwork to sell a dirt bike.

Can you sell a car that is not registered in your name?


Can you sell a gun that is registered to you?


What license do you need to sell plants?

In order to sell plants as a business, you will need to first get a business permit. From there, you will need to get a business license.

How do you sell Smith Wesson 22 long rifle CTG for cash in pa?

You will need to contact the State Police

What do you do with a vehicle that hasn't been registered in a long time in California?

Get it registered and pay for it or sell it.

Who sells stocks?

Stocks or Shares are created by businesses when they incorporate; this is denominated the Primary market. In order to sell their shares to investors, and the public in general (the secondary market), the corporation must be registered with the Stock Exchange. Stockbrokers, who are members of the stock exchange, are the ones who sell (and buy) registered stocks.

How much does a lever action rifle sell for?

That depends on the exact make and model of the rifle.

Why is Marlin Rifle Company making rifle and not sell that cal ammo?

marlin 35 cal. lever action. rifle/ Marlin makes the rifle ,but not the ammo for it.

Do i need a licence to sell beer and wine in ga?

Anywhere in the United States you will need a Liquor License in order to sell any type of Alcoholic Beverage