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no because when its ready to reach earth it gets littler and litter and bout time it gets close to earth it turns into a meteorite

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Is the star falls on the earth surface during shooting star?

It is not a real star that falls on Earth during a shooting star - the real stars are much too big. It is a speck of dust, which glows in the atmosphere, and looks like a fast-moving star. Most of these meteorites will burn up in the atmosphere, and never reach Earth's surface.

How long does it take a shooting star to land?

Shooting stars can land in earth in years because it's traveling to earth like for example it can be traveling right now it takes time for a shooting star to land in earth.

Do stars ever hit earth?

No. If a star (besides the Sun) ever came within hundreds of millions of miles of Earth, we would all be in a lot of trouble. A "shooting start" may occasionally hit our planet, but shooting stars are really meteorites, not stars.

Is a shooting star a metiorite?

No, a "shooting star" is a meteor. When the object hits the Earth (IF it survives the passage through the atmosphere) THEN it is called a meteorite.

Do you see shooting star anywhere?

you can see a shooting star anywhere the world has equal sides so we should all see a shooting star once in out lifetime even the earth is a shooting star but we can not feel the speed because the gravity is so strong

What does seeing a shooting star mean?

Seeing a shooting star means nothing to you, but in ancient times, people wrongly consider that shooting stars brings disasters to Earth.

How long each does it take light from the nearest star to reach the earth?

The Sun is the nearest star but it takes 2 hours to reach the earth. Correct answer is 8.5 minutes for light from the sun to reach the earth.

What is the scent of a shooting star?

No one really knows what the scent of a shooting star. Some people say that it is a slight burning scent since they can reach 4,000 degrees celsius.

What can happen if blackholes reach the earth?

If blackholes reach the earth the earth will destroy. Blackhole are to large it can eat star easily.

Can the Sun ever be a shooting star?

No. Shooting stars are meteors, which are significantly smaller than the sun. The Sun itself, is a star. Stars are really "suns" themselves.

What is the scientific term for a shooting star that hits earths surface?

A shooting that reaches the surface of the Earth would be a meteorite.

How are shooting stars created?

From what i have learned is when a shooting star falls to eatrh is when the star gets too close to earth the gravity pulls it and a what you call a star which is a metor on fire falls to earth and its suppose to be good luck. Hope I could help. :)

Where is a shooting star in the atmosphere?

A shooting star is nothing but a meteorite(pieces of meteors). When they enter the atmosphere, the fiction causes them to burn and till they reach the earth's surface they are fully burned up.

What is a shooting star called that ends with m?

The "shooting star" part, the streak of light through the atmosphere, is a "meteor". Once it hits the Earth, it is called a "meteorite".

How long does it take for the light generated by the star Betelgeuse to reach Earth?

The light takes about 640 years to reach Earth, as Betelgeuse (a red supergiant star) is about 640 light years from Earth.

What is a shooting star made of?

A shooting star is made up of rocks then they go around a planet to get more speed then they go and crash on the earth or rome around it; a comet

How does the distance of star from earth affect the time it takes light from that star to reach earth?

Light travels at a constant speed. Therefore the farther away a star is, the longer it takes for light to reach us.

Does iceland have shooting star?

Yes. Meteors can be seen from any location on Earth.

What is the star called that the earth orbits?

we know that the star that earth orbits is the sun the sun is the biggest star ever

How long will it take for a star that is five thousand light years away to reach earth?

The light from a star 5000 light-years away will reach the Earth 5000 years after the light leaves the star.But the star itself will never reach the Earth. Stars do not, in general, collide with each other - or at least, do not do so very often.

How long does it take the light from the nearest star four years to reach earth?

The sun is the closest star to Earth. It takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds for light to reach Earth. The closest star outside of our solar system is Proxima Centauri. Light from Proxima Centauri takes roughly 4.24 years to reach Earth.

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