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No, even if going around in a circle is counted, the distance is the same.

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Q: Does a smaller screwdriver travel greater distance than a larger screwdriver?
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Can a lever multiply distance?

A lever is a simple machine that allows mechanical force to be exerted using a varying distance. Typically, the lever allows the use of a smaller force across a greater distance in the place of a larger force over a smaller distance.

Why are small wheels bad for a mousetrap car?

Larger wheels have a larger diameter. Therefor, they will cover a greater distance per rotation of the driven axle, compared to a smaller wheel.

How do you increase the moment using a spanner?

Turning force (Moment) measured in Newton metres is equal to Force (Newtons) multiplied by Distance (metres).Or to put it mathematically: Moment (Nm) = Force (N) x Distance (m)The larger the distance the greater the moment.The greater the force the greater the moment.The greater the distance the smaller the force needs to be.This means that a long screwdriver will prise open a paint can lid much easier than a coin will. This also means that a longer spanner will unscrew a nut easier than a small one (or indeed your hands).

How does mass and gravity distance effect gravity?

The larger the mass of an object, the greater the force it will exert on other objects. But as the distance from that object becomes greater, the gravitational pull becomes smaller. For example, the sun has a larger mass than the earth, so gravity on the suns surface would be much greater than on earths surface. Also, as you get further and further away from the earth, the less you are influenced by its gravity.

Which has the greater surface area one large cell or 27 smaller cells?

If the smaller cells' total volume is at least that of the larger cell then the smaller cells have the greater surface area.

What are larger and greater than signs?

Greater then is > as in 5>3 Smaller then is the other way around < as in 5<8

Why are larger brakes prefered over smaller brakes in vehicles?

Larger brakes = shorter stopping distance.

How is the gravitational force related to the distance between objects?

At a larger distance, the gravitional force gets smaller.

What is larger centimeter or kilometer?

The centimeter is smaller than the kilometer.

Does the smaller gear in a gear train move the same distance as the larger gear?

No it does not.

Does a scale show measurement of a smaller distance that represents a larger distance?

Yes, but a scale can also be used to show a smaller distance by using a bigger distance (i.e. the opposite of the above). For example, imagine we were drawing a representation of something really small like the structure of an atom. If we wanted to draw this accurately we would have to use a scale which uses a larger distance to represent a smaller one.

How can you tell which fractions is greater if both fractions have the same numerator?

Then the fraction with the smaller denominator is larger.