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Yes,sometimes (snakes living in warmer tropics and subtropics has been seen to remain active throughout the year.) they do. Cold has a narcotic effect on them. As we all know snakes being cold blooded,their body temp changes with the outer ambient temp.Extreme cold thus could stop all the enzymatic activities which in turn could hamper all vital bodily metabolic processes essential for sustaining life on earth.That's why snakes undergo hibernation (a practical dead like state with lowest of metabolic activity) until and unless the period of stress or cold is over.

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Do snake hibernate in Florida?

yes they do hibernate in holes and caves

Why snake hibernate?

Snakes hibernate to get away from the cold or heat.

does a rattle snake hibernate or not?

no they dont they stay alive

Should the male corn snake hibernate or the female corn snake?

If you want to have baby corns your female corn need to hibernate. Reason is simple, female corns have big job(to bring babys to the world). Anyway you can put your male to hibernate too.

How long does a snake hibernate?

1 year just kidding I dont know

How does the hog nosed snake survive the winter?

They hibernate in burrows, below the frost line.

What do snake and mudfish do when they hibernate?

Snakes seek subsurface areas and form clusters to stay warm in places that have winter months. Mudfish hibernate in the moisture under the mud.

Do garter snake hibernate?

yes... this process is called brumation. for more information just google it :).

Do rattlesnakes hibernate in houses?

It is highly unlikely that a rattlesnake would hibernate in a house if the house has no crack or openings that would allow a snake to enter. They have been known to enter garages and sheds and may hibernate there unless the temperature approaches freezing. Rattlesnakes usually try to avoid confrontations with humans.

When does a snake hibernate?

A snake hibernates in the beginning of Winter, and come out when the frost is over! Does that answer your question?"they hibernate in the summer because they can't take the heat" - very incorrect, the opposite is true!Most snakes don't hibernate, it's only the ones that live outside of the tropics, and that is because of lack of food, and lack of thermal energy (I answered a similar question to this, see below it should help!)Read more: Why_do_snakes_hibernate_and_when_do_they_do_it

Do cheetahs hibernate?

No, cheetahs do not hibernate.

Does a kookaburra hibernate?

Kookaburras do not hibernate. No birds in Australia hibernate.

Do Canada geese hibernate?

No..Geese do not hibernate..Birds do not hibernate.

Do cockrooachs hibernate?

No cockroaches do not hibernate. Bugs them selves do not hibernate.

Will a snake hibernate in your house?

Yes, snakes can hibernate inside of any enclosure including your home. Usually, the snake would need a source of food. Sometimes snakes accidentally find there way into a crawl space or basement. Larger snakes can climb, therefore moving up stairs. If you find a snake don't touch it. Call animal control or your local vet or sheriff's ffice for assistance. Evaluation of the source of entry is important to eliminate this from happening. Simply closing gaps or wholes and removal of natural snake habitat will help in prevention.

Do Yaks hibernate?

no they do not hibernate

Where do bluebirds hibernate?

They do not hibernate.

How do orcas hibernate?

They do not hibernate.

Does a beaver hibernate?

No! it does not hibernate.:)

Do martens hibernate?

no they do not hibernate

Does hippo hibernate?

No, they do not hibernate.

Do sharks hibernate?

No, they do not hibernate.

Do giraff hibernate?

No, they do not hibernate.

Do clown fish migrate or hibernate?

yes they do hibernate. yes they do hibernate.

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