Does a snake hibernate?

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Yes,sometimes (snakes living in warmer tropics and subtropics has been seen to remain active throughout the year.) they do. Cold has a narcotic effect on them. As we all know snakes being cold blooded,their body temp changes with the outer ambient temp.Extreme cold thus could stop all the enzymatic activities which in turn could hamper all vital bodily metabolic processes essential for sustaining life on earth.That's why snakes undergo hibernation (a practical dead like state with lowest of metabolic activity) until and unless the period of stress or cold is over.
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How common is it for cats to literally dig hibernating snakes out of their burrows in the winter and how do cats manage to find these snakes?

My cat is outside off and on during the day and she will go after mice or squirrels, but never have I heard of a going after a snake. I suppose anything is possible. Cats as you know are generally nocturnal so who knows what the little rat bags are up too. Once my cat dragged in a hefty rat and scar ( Full Answer )

What is hibernating?

Hibernation is when an animal goes to rest for the winter season to stay warm. Not all animals hibernate. Hibernating results in a deep sleep over a period of time that limits bodily functions. Many forest animals such as bears, deer, owls, and other warm blooded animals stock up on fat by eating ( Full Answer )

Do snakes hibernate?

Snakes do hibernate. They hide in caves, hollow logs, exct. Some snakes share there dins with other snakes, the can be about 50 snakes in one din/cave.

Do snakes bite in hibernation?

Snakes do not bite in hibernation, because they are unconscious.However, it is difficult to tell how deeply asleep the snake is, sodisturbing it is not advised.

What do snakes do when hibernating?

In areas of the world where there is winter, snakes seek subsurface shelter during the winter months. In the mountains, large snakes sometimes share dens, presumably because there aren't enough cavities for each snake to have its own, but in other areas most do so individually. But also, by hibernat ( Full Answer )

What type of snake hibernates in Maine?

Snakes that Hibernate in Maine . Although there are several species of non-venemous snakes that hibernate during Maine's long, cold winter months, the garter snake actually benefits from this act. According the the Web site of, "Hibernation in reptiles is called brumation." Basic ( Full Answer )

Where are there no snakes?

in very cold cold arias like Alaska or Antarctica There are no snakes in Ireland for the simple reason that they can't get there, they died out over 15000 years ago

Do Australian snakes hibernate?

As with any snakes, Australian snakes may or may not hibernate, according to the weather. Snakes are cold-blooded, and rely on the heat of the sun to raise their body temperature enough for them to become active.. Snakes shelter in rock crevices and logs during cold weather and come out on warm day ( Full Answer )

Do all snakes hibernate?

No - not all. Only those living in temperate climates (where the winter temperature drops very low) need to hibernate. Snakes actually brumate, not hibernate. It's like hibernation, but they just slow down, not go to sleep for months.

When does a snake hibernate?

A snake hibernates in the beginning of Winter, and come out when the frost is over! Does that answer your question? "they hibernate in the summer because they can't take the heat" - very incorrect, the opposite is true! Most snakes don't hibernate, it's only the ones that live outside of the tro ( Full Answer )

What does a snakes do?

well snakes are creations by god and are slithering creatures, there are 3 groups of snakes, venomous, nonvenomous, and constrictors. venomous snakes are snakes that are deadly so you do not want to get near them, how you can tell the snake is venomous you can look at it head shape, if its a triangl ( Full Answer )

What can a snake do?

Snakes can slither, hiss, bite, inject poison into their victims and they can come to your backyard.

How long do snakes hibernate?

Those species that hibernate do so for as long as the temperature remains too cold for them to be active. Usually during the coldest two months of winter.

Why do snakes hibernate?

Some snakes do hibernate but some doesn't. They hibernate to stay away from the cold since they can't make themselves warm.

Do snakes migrate or hibernate?

some snakes hibernate, none migrate, but many live in areas where there is no need to hibernate or migrate as their habitat does not have promonant seasons. Why was this question put under whales? whales and snakes are two completely different organisms.

How do you know if your snake is Hibernating or Dead?

If your snake is hibernating, it will still be moving slowly, and breathing. If your snake is dead, it will most likely not be moving, and it won't be breathing. However, some dead snakes will still bite and twitch a little after they die. This will usually last for a few minutes.

What is to hibernate?

hibernate means stand by HIBERNATION is a state of regulated hypothermia undergone by some animals to conserve energy during the winter. to pass the winter in a torpid or resting state to be or become inactive or dormant

How do you get out of hibernation?

If you can't get out of hibernate, you (most likely) have a serious problem. Obviously you tried to turn it back on with the power button, so that can't be your problem. Try the Hard Drive in a different computer (the one you asked this question on) and see if it boots up. If not, take it to someone ( Full Answer )

Does a snake hibernate or migrate?

Snakes are cold blooded. They must stay warm in the winter, but they do not migrate. You will find snakes below wood piles, in rabbit holes, or in other spots that do not freeze in the winter.

What does a snake do?

Some snakes bite with poisonous fangs and kill their prey, and some snakes choke their prey and then swallows , some snakes are even harmless.

What is java hibernate and how hibernate works?

Hibernate is an object-relational mapping (ORM) library for the Java language, providing a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a traditional relational database. Hibernate solves object-relational impedance mismatch problems by replacing direct persistence-related database acce ( Full Answer )

When are snakes out?

depends on the snake.. i was out one night and i saw what i think was a very small snake it was like 3 or 4 inches and im pretty sure it wasnt a worm or centipede because when i touched the thing, it moved very quick i tested it on other worms and centipedes by JZ

Where do snakes from?

Snakes are from/found on every continent, except antartica, and in almost every country, if not all.

Do green tree snakes hibernate?

Green Tree Snakes do not hibernate during winter they continue as though nothing happened at all.

What to do if a snake is after you?

Snakes will not chase people, with one possible exception; The Black Mamba. Although it is yet to be proven beyond doubt that they are not just occasionally heading the same way when a person runs.

Do grass snakes hibernate?

They do in the UK - it gets too cold during winter for them to function effectively, so they seek out sheltered caves and other warmer places to 'ride out' the cold weather.

When does an eastern indigo snake hibernate?

Indigo snakes usually begin to den up in October and November, depending on how far north they occur, and re emerge in spring, when temps warm into the upper sixties to low seventies.

Where do snakes hibernate?

Snakes and other reptiles have dormancy dens where they feel safeenough to sleep. A snake can dig its own hole but often with takeadvantage of hollows, like cracked foundations, or piles of brush.

Why hibernate technology called hibernate?

Hibernate nothing but persisting the data or saving the content nonvolatile. Hibernate methodology convert the database queries to object,perform the operation and persist the result.

Do snakes shed skin near hibernation spot?

Sometimes they do - it depends on the age of the snake, and when they last shed. More often than not - they find a secluded place to shed, as they can't see predators very well at that time.

Do hamsters hibernate and why d they hibernate?

No!! Hamsters are not true hibernators. Hamsters like to be in the range of 65 75 degree Fahrenheit. If the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit they may go into a temporary hibernating state. This temporary hibernating state is called torpor: Torpor is a form of dormancy that is very simil ( Full Answer )

Why do snakes hibernate and when do they do it?

Most snakes don't hibernate, it's only the ones that live outside of the tropics, and that is because of several reasons the most important of which are: a) food - their prey may be more or less abundant are certain times of the year and b) outside temperature - because snakes are ectothermic, th ( Full Answer )

When do snakes hibernate in Texas?

They don't hibernate like bears, sleeping the winter away. Instead they go below the frost line, using cracks and crevices that would seem claustrophobic to us, but to them are downright comforting. You could say that snakes have claustrophelia. From their point of view, the tighter the safer. Nothi ( Full Answer )

Will a snake hibernate in your house?

Yes, snakes can hibernate inside of any enclosure including your home. Usually, the snake would need a source of food. Sometimes snakes accidentally find there way into a crawl space or basement. Larger snakes can climb, therefore moving up stairs. If you find a snake don't touch it. Call animal con ( Full Answer )

Do vipers snakes hibernate?

In colder climates they do but usually they do not But in Arizona because of the cold night snakes go undergound due to the extreme temprature

Why and how do snakes hibernate?

If a snake lives in a country that has a dramatic drop in temperature during the winter months, then it will usually hibernate. They usually seek out deep caves, which will protect them from the cold. They go into a 'semi-conscious' state, slowing their breathing and heartbeat, so they use as lit ( Full Answer )

What does snakes do?

Snakes like to crawl on their underbellies and slither. They are known as "human biters." snake, in the Indian ancient Asian term, means mean biting crazy dude.

Why do sea snakes hibernate?

They don't ! They spend all their time at sea - apart from a single species (the sea Krait) which returns to land briefly to mate and lay eggs - all other sea snakes are live-bearers. They mate at sea, and give birth in the water.

Where do garter snakes hibernate?

under rocks, in burrows created by other animals, under fallen trees, even in houses if they could find a way in.

What will a snake do?

If it feels threatened it will attack you. But if you leave the snake alone you should not get hurt.

Why lizards and snakes hibernate?

Lizards and snakes are "cold blooded" meaning they can't regulate regulate their body temperature like mammals and birds can. Because of this they cannot survive out in the open in temperate winters and so must seek shelter hibernate.

When do rattle snakes hibernate?

Some rattlesnake species hibernate during the cold winter months. They often gather together for hibernation in large numbers (even more than 1000 snakes) and huddle together in underground dens. Rattlesnakes usually return to the same den year after year, sometimes travelling several miles to get t ( Full Answer )

How deep in ground do snakes hibernate?

I Found The Eggs Of A Red Belly Black Snake Approximately 5cm UnderGround. So Im Assuming Snakes Hybernate In As Little Possible. Being Too Deep Could Be A Threat As Well As Being Too High

What do snakes do to you?

mostly nothing unless less your hitting it. they usually leave biting or constriction as a last resort.

How does a rat snake live while it is hibernating?

Of course anything that is "hybernating" is alive, otherwise it would be "disintegrating". When a snake hybernates, it shuts down 75-85% of it's body functions; almost like stasis or, as is obvious, it "hybernates", just like your computer when you walk away for too long. Snake breeders will induc ( Full Answer )

Do snakes hibernate during certain times a year?

Snake hibernate during the winters. Hibernation in case of snakes is known as winter sleep in which physical activities are almost nullified and the normal activities to sustain life forms are existent during this period. Certain species also go on "Aestivation" also known as summer sleep.