Does a spouse have to be served divorce papers?

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Yes, you must serve divorce papers on your spouse in all 50 states. Generally speaking, there are two main ways that you can serve your spouse:
1) Personal Service (which means an adult person - not you - hands the documents to your spouse); or
2) Certified Mail with Return Receipt.

Most states also have an option for your spouse to simply acknowledge service in an affidavit so that you can just hand them the documents.

Special Notes:
If your spouse is currently residing outside of the U.S. or is stationed with the military outside of the U.S., Certified Mail with Return Receipt is not an option for you.

If you cannot located your spouse, you can get permission from the Court to serve your spouse by Publication or Posting. This is a last resort of service on your spouse where the court allows you to print a notification that you have filed for divorce in court approved publications or official places of notification.