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2006-07-31 13:02:16
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You are an American that got married in England and want a divorce can you get a divorce in California where you live?

As you are a American you can very well get divorced in California.

How long do you have to reopen a divorce in California?

You can reopen a divorce case according the lawyer we consulted within 6 months after you received the judgement.

Do you lose your Italian citizenship when you divorce an Italian?

No, you don't.

How does one get a divorce in California?

A divorce in California is achieved by first filing for a divorce. This can be done by going personally to court or by visiting the California Courts website.

Can you get a divorce if your pregnant in California?

Yes, you have an absolute right to get a divorce in California, regardless of your circumstances.

Is California an at-fault state FOR DIVORCE?

California is a no fault divorce state. Anyone can obtain a divorce based upon "irreconcilable differences" regardless of the reasons for the divorce.

If married in Hawaii can a divorce be obtained in California?

Yes, if a person got married in Hawaii they can divorce in the state of California. The person will have to be a resident of California for a certain amount of time before filing for a divorce.

How long do you have to be separated before you can file for divorce in California?

there is no waiting period in California for divorce. You don't have to be separated for any length of time in order to file for divorce.

Can you get a divorce if you're pregnant in California?

You are entitled to get a divorce in California, regardless of the fact that you may be pregnant. California is a no fault state. Pregnancy has no impact on the ability to obtain a divorce based upon irreconcilable differences.

How long do you have to wait to remarry after you serve divorce papers in California?


Do both parties in a divorce have to sign papers in California?

No, there is a divorce by default as long one spouse is served. Also see a California divorce Attorney-

What is the duration of Divorce American Style?

The duration of Divorce American Style is 1.82 hours.

Can two Mexican citizens who were married in Mexico get a divorce in California?

No, Mexican citizens can't get divorced in California if they were married in Mexico. One of the parties would need to be an American citizen.

Why can one get a divorce in California without divorce attorneys being involved?

Divorces in California don't necessarily require divorce attorneys as many Californian cases of divorce are easily settled. Divorce attorneys are required only when an agreement has not been reached.

How do you appeal a divorce settlement in California?

An appeal of a divorce settlement in California is heard in front of the District Courts of Appeal. An attorney will need to file an appeal after the divorce has been granted.

What state has the most divorce?


How do you get custodial rights for your children in California when filing for divorce?

By including that in your divorce petition.

How long can you get married after a divorce in California?

You can get married as soon as your Divorce Proceeding is Final in California. There is no waiting period once your case is finalized.

What is 'I want a divorce' when translated from English to Italian?

Voglio il divorzio! is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "I want a divorce!" The declarative/exclamatory statement translates literally as "I want the divorce!" in English. The pronunciation will be "VO-lyo eel dee-VOR-tsyo" in Italian.

When was Divorce American Style created?

Divorce American Style was created on 1967-06-21.

If you have filed for a divorce in California waiting for court to finalize divorce can you register with the California court to marry someone else?

You cannot get married until your divorce is final. Polygamy is against the law.

I was married in California moved to Texas and am now moving back to California does it matter where I get a divorce?

You have to divorce in the same state you were married in. Some states require you to divorce in the very county you were married in.

What are the Divorce laws in California regarding affairs?

California is a no-fault state.

Does divorce affect young children in California?

Divorce effects children. Geography has little to do with it.

What is the waiting period before you remarry after a divorce in California?

* A divorce is final and you are free to remarry.