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Some States hold Caucuses and some hold Primaries. A Caucus, as I understand it (from the British side of the herring pond) is a kind of internal Party talking shop, where party members discuss candidates then split into groups supporting each candidate until a point is reached where one candidate is by general consensus the favoured one. In a Primary, registered Party Members (and in some cases registered voters who are not members of any Party) vote by secret ballot on the list of candidates.

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Q: Does a state hold primary as well as caucus both?
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How many states will hold a primary or a caucus on March 6?

Ten States will hold a primary or caucus on March 6.

Which state holds the first President primary election?

New Hampshire is the first state to hold a primary while Iowa is the first state to hold a caucus. New Hampshire had its primary on January 10, 2012. The Iowa caucus was held on January 3, 2012.

Can you use the word caucus in a sentence?

I caucused for Barack Obama. What does your state have, a primary or a caucus? Many people say old grandmas and caucuses are old and outdated. Will you attend the caucus tomorrow?Ace__Definition: A meeting in which members of a political party choose their party's candidate for president or decide policy................The members of the party who served in congress would hold a closed caucus.

What is the meeting where a political party chooses its presidential candidate?

A convention is a meeting where the political party names its candidate for presidential election. Running parties hold this convention.

What two states traditionally hold the earliest primary and caucus contests?

The Iowa caucuses come first. Next is the New Hampshire primary, followed by South Carolina.

Why does Iowa hold a caucus instead of a primary?

Iowa holds a caucus instead of a primary because the state law requires it. Caucuses are also seen as an opportunity for more direct voter engagement and discussion among party members, allowing them to openly show support for their preferred candidate. Additionally, Iowa's position as an early voting state in the presidential nominating process gives it added significance in shaping the outcome of the election.

What was the first state to hold a presidential caucus?

Iowa held the first nominating events for the 2012 presidential election.

Why does New Hampshire hold it primary first?

A state law says it must hold the first primary

How many states caucus?

Iowa, Nevada, Maine, Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, West Virginia, Kansas and Washington hold Republican caucuses. Missouri holds a Republican primary but has Democratic caucuses. rgf

Which group of people might hold a caucus?


Which state will be last to hold its primary election?

In the Republican Primary, Utah will be the last state to hold its election, on June 26th 2012, making it the latest State by 21 days (five States will vote on June 5th).

New Hampshire is the first state to hold a presidential what?

primary election .