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Does a tattoo hurt?

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it depends where you get it Yes, it's just a question of how much. People vary; their tolerance to pain varies, both compared to other people and depending how chipper they're feeling. Long tattoo sessions can become very painful. A topical anaesthetic such as Emla cream can greatly reduce tattoo pain. it depends on where you get the tattoo and on the person. Some people say the foot, ankle, hand, or neck are the worst spots to get a tattoo, but other people have said their hand tattoo was one of the least painful tattoos they've had.

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Where does it not hurt to get a tattoo done?

My tattoo on my wrist didnt really hurt and I've been told shoulder tattoos don't hurt

Does a tattoo hurt on your back?

All tattoos hurt.

If i have to make a permanent tattoo will it hurt?

yes it will hurt

Does it hurt to get a a tattoo on your wrist?

Everyone has a different pain tolerance when it comes to getting a tattoo. That being said your wrist is a very sensitive spot for a tattoo, so yes it will hurt to get a tattoo on your wrist.

If you get a tattoo on your lower waist will it hurt?

Almost all tattoos hurt. It is the skill of the tattoo artist that adds or subtracts from the pain.

Does a getting a tattoo hurt?


Does a tattoo on your bum hurt?


When get wrist tattoo hurt?


What is the worst sickness you can get from a tattoo?


Does a tattoo on the top of your hand hurt?

well its a tattoo so it not exactly compfortable

Why does a tattoo hurt?

because the needle hurts your tissue and it seems to hurt

How does it feel to get a tattoo?

Well, obviously it is done with a needle, if it is a permanent tattoo, so it will hurt a bit, but on some parts of the body it will hurt more.

Does a tattoo on your thigh hurt?

No , I just recently got a tattoo on my Thigh and it did not hurt at all. It was my first tattoo, it was more of a slight burning , however totally bareable and i dont take pain easily!

Did it hurt when Miley Cyrus got the tattoo?

Yes it really hurts when she got a tattoo

Dose getting a tattoo hurt?

I suppose it does.

When getting a permanent tattoo does it hurt?


Will a tattoo on the belly hurt?

like a motherfuccker.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your arm?

yes it hurts. it hurts anywhere. if you get a tattoo and your about to die your going to go to hell just because of a tattoo

Can you get a tattoo on your finger?

Yes, you can get a tattoo practicaly any where but it will hurt more if there is not much skin or muscle.

Does getting a tattoo on your stomach hurt?

getting a tattoo anywhere is going to hurt but no it doesn't cause much pain. if you have any other questions please contact me

Does it hurt to get color in your tattoo?

Supposedly, the lines hurt most. But it of course depends on the person.

What does a collar bone area tattoo feel like?

A collar bone area tattoo will feel like any other tattoo; it will hurt.

Does a Henna tattoo hurt?

No because it's not permanant.

Do tattos hurt?

It really depends on where on your body you get your tattoo

Where does it hurt less to get a tattoo?

A tattoo on the bony parts are rather painful for example the ribs skull and shin.