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No. Camels do not store water in their hump. The hump is used to store fat.

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How does water get stored in camel?

Water is stored in the stomach of the camel, not in the humps. The humps store fat.

Does camel store water in its hump?


Does humps on a camel store water?

No they store fat. The water is found in their stomach and bloodstream.

How the camel store the water?

In it's hump and in the stomach

Where does a camel store its water lump?

on it's back

How can a camel survive for weeks without water?

They store water in there humps

What part of a camel takes water?

Scientificly the store water in their hump

Why camel doesn't take water?

because camels store the water in their humps

Why camel broad flat leather pads?

to store water

Does every camel have a hump on it?

to store water when traveling in the desert

Does a hippo store water longer then a camel?

no because hippos live in water so they dont need to store it

What does the camel hump store water or fat?

Camel humps are made of fat and the fat is use as a method of storing energy and water as they travel in the desert.

How long can a camel store water in it's humps?

Camel humps are fat reservoir, not water reservoir, so the question is misleading and moot.

Does a two hump camel store more water than a one hump camel?

all the time baby

Humps of a camel?

The humps on a camel aren't really to store water that is what the cmels big stomach is for. It's humps store all the fat, it is classified asa megafauna. Edit: It's to store fat, which produces water when burned.

How do plants live in the desert with little water?

because they store water like a camel does

Do camel stores water in its hump?

No,they never store water in its hump it stores fat

How do camel store food?

Camels store fat on there humps which makes more food and water.

How does a camel survive on the desert?

the two humps on it back store water

Do the humps in the camel convert food to fat?

No. The humps store water.

Does camel store water in hump or?

Camels do not store water in their hump. Instead, they store fat. However, they can break down the fat to release water, which their bodies can use.

Who would win in a race between a camel and a turtle?

A Camel obviously they can go up to about 15mph and they can store a lot of water

How did the camel revolutionize trade?

the result in trade because of there ablity to store water

How do camel survive in the climate of the dessert?

They store water in their hump to keep them hydrated.

What parts of a camel help it survive?

the hump helps it store fat and water