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Does action replay still work for pokemon platinum?


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No, Action Replay will not work for Pokemon platinum.

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I still haven't found it yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if u still dont know then just go to codejunkies its codes for every game on action replay

if you have a action replay plug it into the computer and turn on the code manager and then delete the Pokemon platinum you have in your action replay now and drag the Pokemon platinum in the code manager ito the ds section of the code manager and the if you look at the cheat codes in the game it will say capture trainer Pok?mon but it still mean capture trainer's Pokemon.

There is no Action Replay code for it. But you can still get it over Nintendo WFC with Mystery Gift until February 14, 2010.

their is some events for action replay too get the manaphy egg, but if you need one still i Have one to trade you

yes but you need to get a action replay pack for ds and the codes

your problem is that you probably have a different version of Pokemon platinum and thus it wont work with your action replay. you need to go install the software and enter the code on the back of the game cartridge and then upload that to your ar. once you've done that you need to either make your own codes or find other codes other people have written.

If you have an action replay you will be able to get it but you can't get it otherwise. I am still looking for the code myself but all i find is Platinum. HAPPY CHEATING!

Sorry, but there is no action replay code for that. . . But there is one to catch trainer's pokemon. . . I have it on MY action replay. . . but I forgot where I got it from. . . Look on google or ask, or something. . . whatever you think is best. you could also use pokesav to change your location though the game might act like your still in the factory so be careful i havn't tried it

you can, but it might glitch your game.

only if in was a event shaymin and you traded it Jrskirbybob- I will try and get back to you on that

its because that you have to put in the code in. You can find that code at the menue screen

Only if all your Pokemon in your party are legit

Yes, you can get Darkrai on Pokemon Pearl. All you need is an Action Replay DS. I do not know the code, but once you have the Action Replay, on Google, look up, "Action Replay Code to get Darkrai on Pokemon Pearl" and you should get some codes. Action Replay is a little cheating thingy for DS and DSi. Plus i tried it using my friend Action Replay for DSi and it still didn't work. CHEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hackers for action replay are still working on making transformation codes try asking again in 1-6 months (>^.^<)

Here is a guide on Youtube, watch part 2 aswell, if you are still stuck, watch others, they helped me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV9XSMHztsA&feature=related

You Can Update Your Action Replay. I Had Pokemon Ranger 2 and updated it through the pc! hope this helps! The Game ID Should be on the front of the game. If It Does still not work then look for more answers and compare.

no because the action replay ultimate cheat is only for NDS so i carnt Evan use the Pokemon i catch on the NDS with the action replay i carnt trade them to the Wii then after i catch them on the NDS ?

you can't.unless it kept going blue but you can still play it just let's you play after a while of not playing you can trade your Pokemon to your other games[dimond =peral/platinum peral=dimond/planum platinum=dimond/peral]I've did it before so it's possible

If it is being transferred from an Action Replay DS to an Action Replay DSi, using the same version of the game, the same codes will work. I used to have both, and I find that my codes from Pokemon: Explorers of Time still works on my Action Replay DSi, even though I originally put them on my Action Replay. You just have to enter the code correctly, and know how to activate it (auto-activate, L+R, etc.). Then it will work.

ancientpower isn't a TM I've found them all and there isn't ancientpower even use an action replay!!!!!!! it still won't be there!

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