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Answer: Action Replay does work for the 3DS console, but as of right now (24 July 2013) no 3DS games are compatible with the Action Replay 3DS due to hacking problems. You can still use it on regular DS games but not on the current 3DS games. To sum up my answer the answer is yes and no.

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The original action replay nor the action replay dsi work on the 3ds. There is no current action replay for the 3ds at the moment but my thoughts are that there will be one soon.

No, the action replay for the Nintendo DS will not work on the 3DS.

No. It has not been announced yet, but there will probably be an Action Replay for the 3DS.

Depends if its a 3DS Action Replay or not. If it isn't then no, If it is then yes.

No. The new software blocks Action Replay DSi and it is unknown if and when an Action Replay 3DS will be out

no. it will not work. im guessing that eventually action replay 3DS will come out and then you could use it on 3DS games.

There are two different Action Replays, both called Action Replay DSi. One has a black label, and works on the DSi and older. The other has a blue label and is updated so it will work on a 3DS, however it does NOT work with 3DS games, it is simply a regular DS cartridge action replay that is compatible with a 3DS console.

eventually the 3DS will be hacked and R4 and action replay will come out.

You need an Action Replay 3DS, other versions won't work on it - note that it is built to work on regular DS games, there isn't a device for actual 3DS games yet.

A 3DS action replay has never been announced by the people who made the DS action replay.

Yes you can get DS codes on a Action Replay 3DS.

There is currently no action replay 3ds, but there is an action replay dsi that works for the 3ds being sold only in the UK. I bought mine on ebay.

Not yet. However, in the future, Action Replay devices might be made for the 3DS.

No, the 3DS will not recognise it.

No, but I'm sure they'll make one in the future.

It is most likely that since Action Replay was made before the 3DS, it cannot be used in the 3DS. Because of this, it is not meant to be used on the 3DS.

No but their will be by the end of july

Yes. Go to code for more info

Probably not, It is designed to "signifigantly curb" piracy and hacks, so that pirated cards wont work.

No, it will not be likely for an action replay for 3DS games. This is due to the fact that this type of action is incompatible with the gaming system. However, it is compatible with the DS gaming system. they are the offical maker of Action Replays

Action Replay for DS does not work on a DSi, but there is an Action Replay DSi which does work on them.

No, the 3DS will not recognise it as an authorised device.

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