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Yes. Now let me figure out which way it goes... Salt lowers the vapor pressure because it takes up space at the surface, thus impeding the escape of water molecules, without impeding the collection of water molecules from the surroundings. Under sufficiently high humidity conditions and sufficiently high salt concentrations, the salt water will gain water from the atmosphere, i.e. a negative evaporation rate. Turns out that without this phenomenon, rain would be exceedingly rare, because it would be well nigh impossible for a cloud droplet to form, requiring highly supersaturated air before the first droplet formed. But once it did, it would be a doozy. But don't trust me. This sounds like a really good kitchen counter experiment. A couple of plastic cups, a ruler, a few tablespoons of salt, maybe some sugar or baking soda, and some water. Have fun with it. Report your results here.

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Q: Does adding something to a jar of water like salt baking soda or sugar affect the evaporation rate?
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yesMore information:Although the purpose of adding baking soda to cookie dough is to help the cookies rise, adding baking soda to a recipe that does not call for it could have the opposite affect. Too much baking soda, or adding baking soda in addition to baking powder, might also ruin the taste of the cookies.

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Yes, but only up to a point, that point being when all the vinegar has reacted with the baking soda. After that, adding more baking soda (without adding more vinegar) will have no effect.

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yes it does i did it as a project before.

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What is the chemical reaction of adding baking soda to water?

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Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)

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It will pop

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For example the evaporation of water is a physical change.

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