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Does air contain hydrogen?

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true Not very much, approx. 0,000055 %. Hydrogen and helium are the two elements you're LEAST likely to find in air - helium because it just floats off into outer space, and hydrogen because it reacts with other elements so readily.

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Yes, but in such a very small amount that it is barely worth mentioning. Most of air is comprised of oxygen and nitrogen.

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What chemicals do balloons contain?

Balloons contain hot air, helium or hydrogen.

Is there more helium or hydrogen in a hot air balloon?

A hot air balloon doesn't contain helium or hydrogen.

What elements does air contain?

Air contains many natural elements from Earth such as the gas oxygen. Air may also contain the elements hydrogen and nitrogen.

How do you extract hydrogen from the air?

Air does not normally contain free hydrogen (H2). The only component of air that contains any hydrogen is water vapor, and it is easier to get H2 out of water in its liquid form using electolysis.

What chemicals are made in a balloon?

A balloon contain hot air, helium or hydrogen.

Does water and methane contain hydrogen?

Yes, they contain hydrogen

Do phospholipids contain hydrogen?

Yes. Phospholipids contain hydrogen

How is hydrogen made from air?

Hydrogen is not made from air. Hydrogen is an element, which means it can't be separated into any other substances without losing its properties, while air is a mixture of many different gases. Normal air doesn't naturally contain very much Hydrogen, and is composed mostly of diatomic Nitrogen (molecules containing two atoms of Nitrogen). Air contains some Water, which is H2O, and H = Hydrogen. There isn't much Hydrogen in the air, but you can break down water into Hydrogen, if you give it energy.

Does Saturn have any air?

No, Saturn does not have what we call air. It has a gas atmosphere which could contain helium, hydrogen, methane, and so forth.

What chemicals contain hydrogen?

Chemicals such as Methane and even water can contain Hydrogen.

Does DNA contain hydrogen?

Yes. A;ll biological molecules contain hydrogen.

Do hydrogen bombs contain hydrogen?

Yes,it contain Hydrogen.Thats why it is called so.

What particles contain hydrogen?

Hydrogen only!

What materials contain hydrogen?

hydrogen bombs

Is hydrogen in the ocean?

Water contain hydrogen.

What iteams contain hydrogen?

Many molecules contain hydrogen as an element, such as water (H2O), sulphuric acid (H2SO4) and methane (CH4). However, hydrogen existing as a pure gas, H2, takes up about 70% of the air we breathe, is very flammable and also used in blimps.

Does air contain seventy eight percent hydrogen twenty one percent oxygen and 0.03 percantcarbon dioxide?


Compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen atoms?

Hydrocarbons contain only Carbon and Hydrogen.

What elements contain hydrogen?

None. Hydrogen is itself an element. elements do not contain other elements.

Does hairspray contain hydrogen and helium?

The propellant used in hair spay does not contain hydrogen gas or helium gas. Hairspray contains compounds that contain covalently bonded hydrogen.

What does hydrogen contain?

Hydrogen! (It's an element, not a compound)

How you separate hydrogen from air?

how saparate hydrogen from air

Do hydrocarbon molecules always contain hydrogen carbon and oxygen atoms?

No.Hydrocarbon molecules contain hydrogen and carbon atoms.It is carbohydrate molecules that contain hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen atoms.

What do hydrocarbons contain?

Hydrocarbons contain hydrogen and carbon.

What does alkanes and hydrocarbons contain?

They contain carbon and hydrogen.

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