Does air resistance act on boats?


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Yes. Air resistance acts against the part of the boat that's above the water

line, and water resistance acts on the part of the boat that's below it.

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which way does air resistance always act plz answer it

gravity and air resistance depending on its environment. However in a vacccum the air resistance is equal to zero

Gravity and air resistance.

air resistance, gravity, acceleration/deceleration. --------------- Inertia, gravity, air resistance, wind turbulence/vortices, the rotation of the earth.

Thurst & Gravity & Air resistance

friction, air resistance and gravity

gravity, friction and air resistance

Air Resistance, Friction and Gravity

Yes. It's called wind resistance, or air resistance, or air drag. Items with little drag are said to be streamlined.

Air resistance. Friction. The police force

Friction, air resistance, momentum, gravity.

Yes, air resistance acts in the opposite direction as an object in motion. (It's air resistance.) In aeronautical terms, we call it drag. Generally, air resistance refers to the effects created on an object moving through it that in some way work to "limit" the object's motion. The air is "just there" and the movement of an object through it sets up the conditions to create air resistance.

Once it is in the air, the main forces are gravity, and air resistance.

Air resistance is a collection of particles in the air such as oxygen, nitrogen, and even dead skin cells. Air resistance can also be seen as a type of friction in the air. Just as a ball can be rolled and slowed down by a direct frictional force with the ground, when you throw a ball, the air particles act in the opposite direction of the ball.

The forces acting on a falling body are gravity and air resistance.

Air resistance is a type of friction, and so it will always slow an object in comparison to if there never was air resistance.

How molecules in the air cause air resistance?

Centripetal, Centrifugal, Upthrust, Drag, Gravity, Air Resistance and Thrust.

air resistance is the push when there is a lot air surface.

The two forces that act on the ball after it leaves your hand are gravity and air resistance.

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