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If it's an Action Replay for Gameboy Color, yes. If it's for Gameboy Advance, no, it only works with GBA games.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-15 14:46:26
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Q: Does an Action Replay that is on an advance work with color games?
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Can you use a ds action replay on gba games?

No, the DS Action Replay is for Nintendo DS games. If you want to use an Action Replay for Game Boy Advance games, you have to buy an Action Replay that's used for Game Boy Advance games.

Does action replay ds work on Game Boy advance games?

No, the action replay DS only works on DS games, hence the word "DS" at the end.

Does the action replay for Game Boy advanced work on Game Boy color games?

no you need the original action replay for game boy color no you need the original action replay for game boy color

Can you use a ds action replay on Gamesboy Advance Games?

No you dork!

Does the Nintendo ds ds lite action replay max work for gba games?

no.only action replay for the Advance works only for that system.Action Replay for DS works for DS games only.

Does an Action Replay DS work on Game Boy Advance games?

Answerno, not unless you have action replay max

Can you use a Nintendo DS Action Replay on Game Boy Advance games?


Where can you get a action replay for Pokemon Game Boy Advance games?

try going to gamestop and ask fora gameboy advance sp gameshark

Where can you buy action replay for the Game Boy Advance?

Game boy doesn't have anything like game shark or action replay. That was back when players didn't always cheat to win games.

What is action replay and where do you get it from?

a action replay is a tupe of device that u use for codes for like Pokemon games ,it connects to all types of consoles like gamecbe,gameboy advance ,and ds att u can find it in walmart

What is Action Replay?

Action Replay is the brand name of a series of devices created by Datel, primarily used for changing the behavior of video games. Currently, Action Replay is available for the Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo DS, Wii and PlayStation Portable.

What are all of the games on a Dsi action replay?

If by this you mean "What are all of the games that a DSi Action Replay can be used with?" then you can check on the related link below to see if your game is supported by Action Replay. Action Replay is available for thousands of games and it would be impossible to list them all on one webpage.

How do you get the games from the action replay to your DS?

you have to buy the action replay cord you can get them basically at any store that sells games

What are all the games action replay will work for?

Well for the action replay dsi when it loads you will see all the games if you only have action replay ds then i would Google search it. Most of the Mario games work. But not all games work.

Can you use action replay on GBA games?

Yes, there's a GBA Action Replay, GBA Xploder/Gameshark, as well as the Action Replay Max Duo which works on GBA games.

Will a European Action Replay DS work with Australian games?

yes they do work because there is no Australian action replay or game shark yet i use a European action replay for Australian games.

Where do you type action replay codes without the actual action replay?

You cannot: You need the Action Replay DS to input the codes for your games.

How do you add games to your action replay with out using the action replay manager?

u cant

How do you add new or old games to action replay with out action replay disk?


What do you use the Action Replay?

An action replay is for cheat codes used for ds games

What exactly is Action Replay?

Well action replay is is when you replay one of your actions. Say star craft you save replay then you replay the action and that is what action replay is. I am 99 percent sure if your talking about normal computer games. Hope I helped you out Life

All your games on action replay is gone why?

return your action replay & get another one return your action replay & get another one

Where can you find an action replay for sp?

The Action Replay for the SP is just the GBA Action Replay. Since it has GBA and the SP is for the GBA games manly.

What you can do with Action Replay?

Cheat on games, e.g. moonjump, invincibility. You can also add new games/cheats once you have an action replay.

How do you add games to the action replay manager?

you have to put the game in the slot in the top of the action replay