Does an Australian die from asthma every year?


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The latest available statistics show that in 2009 Asthma caused the deaths of 411 Australians.

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Asthma facts:Over12% of Australian adults have asthma.Over 30% of Australian school aged children have asthma.700 - 800 Australians currently die from asthma each yearBoys are twice as likely to develop asthma as females.

20 people die by australian paralysis ticks every year.

well approximately 5000 people die from asthma every year... it is so sad...

AROUND 300 million people suffer from asthma around the world and 255,000 people die due to this disease every year.

Yes 13 year olds can die from Asthma. There is a risk of anyone who has asthma dying at any age. All it takes is a serious asthma attack.

Five thousand (5000) people die from asthma each year in America.

scientifically nobody knows how many people die no matter what. especially by asthma, it is different every year. and air pollution is not a common cause by triggering asthma actually running and yelling and stress is. get things straight no worries !

There is no official figure on the morbidity percentage of asthma, but I do know that out of the 20 million asthma patients in the USA around 4000 die every year. Although that means that percentage wise it's a very small percent, asthma which in general isn't considered an overly dangerous disease, is still a bit dangerous.

Yes people can die from an asthma attack

About 60 Million people die of Asthma every year.Asthma prevalence in AustraliaThe word prevalence means how common a condition or disease is in a population. Asthma prevalence refers to how many people have asthma.In 2007-8, 9.9% of the population stated they had current asthma. Rounding these numbers, we can say that about 10% of the population (2 million people) have asthma currentlyAsthma prevalence in Australia is high by international standards. The reason for this is unknownAsthma prevalence in children and young adults has decreased slightly over the last few years. Prevalence remains unchanged in older adultsPrevalence is higher in people 75 and over, being at least 11%In the 0-14 year age group more boys than girls have asthmaIn the 15 years and over age group more females have asthma than malesThe majority of children with asthma in Australia have infrequent intermittent asthma, which means they have occasional 'episodes' of asthma symptoms lasting a short period of time, and only take medication when they have symptoms rather than every dayLess than 5% of children with asthma have persistent asthmaThe majority of adults with asthma have mild or very mild asthmaIn the 2001 to 2004-05 period the gap in prevalence between the least disadvantaged and the most disadvantaged localities increased

Yes, but if you get good treatment, you should be fine. It is rare to die from asthma

I was researching asthma for school and found a website that said 14 people die a day from asthma!

no because you dont die from asthma

yes. Someone with asthma can suffer an asthma attack and indeed die.

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A bad attack of asthma can close the airways so that you can not breath - you can die of suffocation.

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the worst is you can have an asthma attack, and die. but if you do you can grow out of asthma!!!!!!!!! i should know i use to have it, not any more

Yes a person of any age can die of an asthma attack.

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