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It depends on the IUD. I was on Mirena and I missed several periods, I can't tell you about other makes.

I have a IUD for thre and a half years. I havn't had a single period.

It depends whether you get a hormonal or non-hormonal IUD. I have an IUD that is non hormonal, and just contains copper. This causes a hostile environment for sperm (as copper kills sperm) without affecting my ovulation or other hormonal patterns. Hormonal IUD's are available which repress ovulation and some can also create a mucus plug which aids in preventing sperm from getting past the cervix. Nice to know we have options :)

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Q: Does an IUD cause you to miss your period?
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How long is it possible for you to miss your period if you have a IUD?

If you have an IUD it is possible to miss a menstrual period for up to a year or more. You will need to speak with your doctor for more details.

Can the IUD cause a missed period?

can you miss your period on IUD if so do u suppose to miss almost 2month goin on 3months just about i had a period in June and am on da IUD for about a year now since i had it i will get my period and it will skip a hold month and come on da next month now i did had in June and miss July august and now its September and still no period i took a test and it came back nagtive but i don't feel rite so what can i do about it i make a apppintment to my doctor to see was the problem with my IUD.

Can you be pregnant when you have and IUD and having periods and is the IUD causing me to have my period?

You can't get pregnant. The IUD does cause you to have periods.

What does it mean if you miss a period with an IUD?

Misisng a period with a hormonal IUD, like Skyla or Mirena, is not worrisome. Missing a period with the copper IUD could be a sign of pregnancy and you should take a pregnancy test.

What can cause a delayed period in a 41 year old woman who has a copper IUD?

A copper IUD will not delay your period. The same things can cause a delayed period in women with or without the copper IUD. These include pregnancy and hormonal fluctuations.

Can you miss a period while using the paragard IUD?

You can miss a period while using Paragard, just as you can miss a period when not using birth control. Take a pregnancy test.

If you have a IUD and you become pregnant while on it do you still have your period?

no cause you dont get a period while pregnant

Can you get an IUD check during your period?

Yes, you can get an IUD check during your period.

Can infection cause you to miss period?


Can breastfeeding cause you to miss your period?

it did to me! it did to me!

Can you be pregnant with an IUD and still have your period?

Pregnancy with the IUD is unlikely, as is a period when pregnant. Taken together, it is very unusual to be pregnant with an IUD and still have your period.

Can an IUD be removed if a woman no longer has a period because of the IUD?

you can get the IUD removed when ever you want it pervents you from getting your period

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