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No. ''Technically''.....that would be Junior Graduate. A graduate student is a student who has earned a Bachelors Degree or Baccalaureate Degree. Graduate Students persue Graduate Degrees such as Graduate (Master Level) Certificates and Masters Degrees.

Associates...Junior Graduate Study

Bachelors....Under Graduate Study

Masters......Graduate Study

Doctoral/Doctorate.......Post Graduate Study

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Q: Does an associate's degree make me a graduate student?
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How to Afford an Online Associates Degree on Any Budget?

The job market has drastically changed over the past few years. Fewer and fewer jobs are available for individuals who have not received some form of higher education. Luckily, an online associates degree is easy to obtain for a younger or older student who has any budget available to them. An associates degree is necessary for many jobs including everything from criminal justice to many medical technicians. Typically, these degrees take two years of full time enrollment to complete. Some general education courses are required but most of the courses that are taken involve the field in which the student is studying. An online degree program differs from a community college in several ways. First, most online degree programs take less time to complete. Many students can complete an online associates degree in one calendar year or less. Second, there is a number of methods to finance an online associates degree. One of the easiest methods of financing an online associates degree is through student loans. Student loans are available for up to $5500 for first year students in an online program. Students who are no longer a dependent on their parents tax return qualify for up to $7500 in student loans or even more in private loans. There are several scholarships and grants available for individuals who are extremely poor or reside in a certain state. Depending upon the online associates degree program a student enrolls in they may be able to obtain a scholarship from that school as well. An associates degree program can be paid for in installments, similar to a credit card. This enables students to spread out the cost and make affordable payments over several years. An associates degree can be the key to unlocking your future. Whether you want to work in the business world or simply obtain a regular job, an associates degree is extremely important. Start your associates degree program today to get to the head of the working world.

Is general manager a qualifying job for a business associates degree?

You do not need to have any particular job to get a business associates degree. Experience as a general manager may make it easier to get the degree, but that is the extent of it.

Associate of arts in nursing?

Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).

Why do many questionnaires only have 'some college' as an option for people who have an associate's degree?

I hate how some applications don't have "Associates Degree" as an option. If you have an associates degree and you are filling out an application like that, you should write "Associates Degree in ____" on the side. I think that shows pride in your achievements, and you deserve to feel proud of getting an associates degree. "Some college" does not mean "associates degree". Someone who took 2 college classes could check "some college", and you took about 20. I agree with the above contributor. Applications should have a designation for the completion of an Associates degree. An Associates degree shows completion. There are Associates degrees as an Registered nurse, in Technology, Educating, multiple Allied Health fields, and the list goes on, and on, and on. As stated above, if it were me I would make sure I indicated the Associates degree on the application. Viper1

How much does a pharmacist with an associates degree make a year?

Within the US today, you cannot be a pharmacist with just an associate's degree. Pharmacists must have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D)

How much can you earn as a associate's degree in phycology?

Very little. An associates degree is not an upper level degree and is only two years of college education. To do anything in psychology you need 4 years of college and even then you may have to go on to graduate work depending on what you want to do in the field.

Can i get an associate's degree in something and still work towards getting my bachlors degree for the same thing?

Yes you can. Just make sure you are taking a transferable associates degree. Many individuals start with an associates degree then transferring to a for year college or university to finish the bachelor's degree.

Once you graduate high school what kind of degree can you get in 3 years or less?

You will want to look at the kinds of programs that a community college offers, many of which can provide you with an excellent career. The associates degree is designed as a two year program of study as a full-time student, provided the individual takes the degree as prescribed by the college. Stop in at your home county community college and request a catalog. Also, make an appointment with an enrollment specialist (admission counselor), for detailed information.

Graduate Loans Make Your Graduate Degree Possible?

If you thought paying for your undergraduate degree was an expensive proposition, take a deep breath before you start to tally how much it can cost to get a graduate degree. Whether you are seeking a master's in education or a master's in business administration (also known as an MBA), obtaining a master's degree can cost more than $50,000 in tuition, fees, and books. While you may have been able to find merit scholarships to help you to pay for your undergraduate degree, there are very few available for graduate degree programs. Luckily, however, there are loans available to help you to pay for your graduate degree program. Student loans for graduate education often are much more cost effective means of obtaining the money necessary to pay for your degree than dipping in your 401(k), home equity line of credit, or, worse, maxing out your credit cards. Graduate loans from the government, such as those from Sallie Mae, are available at lower interest rates than you would pay on loans from your bank or another lending institution. In addition to paying lower interest rates on your student loans, if you qualify for a federally subsidized graduate loan, then the lender will not accrue interest on your loan during the time that you are in graduate school. To enjoy this benefit you may need to take a minimal number of credits each semester or each calendar year. To find out what rules govern the graduate loan options available to you, you should speak with a financial aid officer at your college or university. Regardless of whether your graduate loan's interest is subsidized while you are in graduate school or not, you still will enjoy one other generous financial benefit from it; the ability to deduct the interest that you pay on your graduate student loan each year. While this benefit is one that you will enjoy in future years, after you have finished your graduate degree program, it is an important one to bear in mind as you compare graduate loan interest rates, terms of repayment, and other factors as you decide how you can best finance your graduate degree program.

Where can I apply for an online business administration course and get my graduate degree?

Depending on where you want to get your graduate degree, Phoenix can assist. They offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees and you would want to make sure the business administration course would qualify for what their requirements are.

Can graduating as magna cum laude help you with scholarships?

If you graduated with honors, why would there be a need for scholarships? You have finished the degree. If your degree was an associates, then it might make a difference when applying for the bachelor's degree.

When you graduate high school and go right onto college does that make you an undergraduate?

Yes, a undergraduate is a person who is going for their BA, A graduate is someone that has their BA and working for their masters. An undergraduate is any person enrolled in a four-year college or university program who has not yet graduated with his or her Bachelors degree, B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) or B.S. (Bachelor of Science). Whether you go straight on to college from high school, or enroll in college at a later date, if you are in college and working toward a four-year degree, you are an undergraduate. The term simply distinguishes one from a person studying toward a graduate degree, as in a Masters, M.A. or M.S. or Doctorate, Ph.D., degree. The timing is insignificant; it is the act of being in school that defines an undergraduate. Technically, you could be an 80-year-old undergraduate.