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Does an eagle eat a squirrel?

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I just saw a bald eagle eat a grey squirrel today

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Which organism is the tertiary consumer in this food chain Oak tree and rarr Squirrel and rarr Owl and rarr Eagle?

is a squirrel apex

What does it mean to see an eagle attacking a squirrel in a dream?

There seems to be an imbalance of power in this dream. An eagle is much more powerful than a squirrel. In a political sense, the eagle might represent the government or the military, while the squirrel could symbolize a relatively powerless individual.

Will a black bird eat a squirrel?

No blackbirds would not eat a squirrel.

Is it correct to say squirrel eat fruits?

squirrel eat almonds and nuts but rearly eat fruits

Would a cougar eat a squirrel?

A cougar would eat a squirrel depending if he is hungry or not.

What does a golden mantled ground squirrel eat?

what does a golden manteled ground squirrel eat

Will an adult squirrel eat a baby squirrel?


Who are Enemies of the American red squirrel?

i think the bald eagle

Does a fox eat a squirrel?

Yes, a fox will eat a squirrel. If they can catch them they would certainly eat them. If they can catch them they would certainly eat them.

Will a bald eagle eat another bald eagle?

No Bald Eagle do not eat another Bald Eagle

Can a lizard eat a squirrel?

Depending on the size of the lizard and the squirrel. Lizards eat insects mostly.

What do black squirrel monkey's eat?

Black squirrel monkeys eat grasshoppers and lady bugs

Is there any other predators for squirrel monkeys?

yes, they are porcupines, and baboons. Their main predator is an eagle because the eagle can swoop above their heads and pick them up and eat them.they are threatened by falcons, snakes, humans ,hawks, and deforestation.

Which organism is the primary consumer in this chain oak tree squirrel owl eagle?

The squirrel is the only one that eats autotrophs.

How much do squirrel monkeys eat daily?

The squirrel monkeys eat 12 grams of food a day if my calculations are correct.squirrel monkey addict

Would a rattlesnake eat an eagle?

No, but an eagle will eat a rattlesnake.

Can a eagle eat a robin?

yes, an eagle can eat a robin.

Can a mice eat squirrels?

No, mice cannot eat squirrels. The only way a mouse can eat a squirrel is if the squirrel is already dead and decomposing. A squirrel is much stronger and predatory than a mouse is.

What does squirrel eat?


How do squirrel eat?

They chew it

Will a squirrel eat grass?

No it will not.

Do a seal eat a squirrel?


Does a squirrel eat an antelope?

No, they do not.

Does an antelope eat a squirrel?

No, it does not.

Do squirrel eat lizard?

No, they do not

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