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A evapouration line will be grey or white in colour. Blue line is not a evapouration line. See your DR for confirmation.

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Q: Does an evaporation line have color you took a pregnancy test and after 10 minutes there was a faint blue line. Also tested 4 days early and saw a very faint line within 10 minutes?
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Could an evaporation line appear on a pregnancy test within ten minutes time frame?

if its within the ten minutes any faint line appears is a positive line

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What does it mean when the pregnancy test reads yes but doctors say you are not?

If you read the test after the 10 minute mark, there is a very good chance your positive result is actually an evaporation line. So many tests out there now have evaporation lines after sitting for awhile. It is very important to read the test within 10 minutes.

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evaporation within the earth

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The pregnancy tests that can be bought for home use will show a result within five minutes. The test done by medical professionals is more accurate and that will give a result in a day.

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