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Generally speaking, insurance agents do not earn salaries. They are paid on commission for the insurance policies they sell. See the related question to the right.

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Q: Does an insurance agent earn a salary?
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What is the salary of an agent at Fred Loyal Insurance?

50$ /h

How much do insurance brokers earn?

they earn about 35k a year starting base salary + benefits

What does a model agent earn per year?

The average salary of a modeling agent is $58,000/year.

What is the average salary in the US for insurance agent jobs?

An average salary for an insurance agent in the United States is $47,450. The highest 10% were paid $115,300, while the lowest 10% were paid only $25,910.

How much does an insurance agent earn?

Many insurance agents earn their money by commission. If they do not earn commission, many would make around $25,000 and more yearly.

How much money can a life insurance agent earn?


How much does an insurance agent at Farm Bureau start out making in salary?


What is the average income of a crop insurance agent?

The average income of a crop insurance agent is $6000 monthly. This translates to a salary of over $72000 per year.

What is an FBI's salary in an year?

Like other government employees, FBI agents are paid according to the GS scale. The lowest salary that an FBI agent can earn is $46,299 per year. The mid-range salary is $68,993 per year. A senior agent can earn as much as $130,810 per year.

How much money does a title insurance representative earn?

I am a Title Insurance Agent in Florida. I earn $46,000 per year. I have 2 years experience and work for a small company.

What is the salary for an insurance salesman or hourly rate?

Insurance Salesman generally work on a commission basis, but their commission may include a base salary. Considering that the percentage of commission is constant regardless of premium size, an insurance salesman's income can be unlimited. Suppose the insurance premium for an apartment building is $40,000 per year, and the commission percentage is 15%. The agent would earn a yearly income of $6,000 for that single policy.

How much an hour does an insurance agent make?

Having worked for an insurance agent, it is important to note that most insurance agents are paid based on a commission scale that relates directly to the amount of insurance premium they collect, not based on an hourly wage. That of course may depend on which company the agent works for, and whether or not they are an independent agent. Because the salary is based directly on the amount of insurance premium collected by the agent, it can be very difficult to determine an average salary for an agent. Usually salaries range from 35000 to well over 100000 per year, again depending on the size of the agents book of business.

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