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Q: Does any one know a site like image chef or photo funia?
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Does anyone know where this photo was taken There is no exif data and not many landmarks. I know it is definetly in the UK.?

This is the image.

How do you put an image from your documents you dont have or know image urland is not in wiki's data and you want to use that pic?

If you can get the image on your computer screen, try using Screen dash. You can then capture the image of your screen then edit the photo, save the image, or image host it.

How to find by photo only?

To find a person by photo only, you can try showing the photo to other people who might know this person. The police can use image matching software to find a person by photo, but the person must already be in a database.

How do you change photo image intro on answers com?

Changing a photo image on is very tricky. First you must change your Facebook's profile picture. That works for me, I don't know if it works for Legacy users.

How do you download gtalk profile picture?

--Login to with the account user id--Go to Account information--Right click on the image and click on save image as--Save the photo to your desired location.Hope this helps..Let me know if it doesn't work

Where can I find a company that sells high quality wedding invitations?

The website cardchef, also know as Photo Card Chef is a great website for wedding invitations. There couples can fully customize their own wedding cards.

By what name do we better know the Food Network's British chef Jamie Oliver?

Naked Chef

What app will let me know i already have that photo in my gallery-?

For mobile devices, there is not an app that will let you know if you already have a photo in your gallery.

What are some of the responsibilities of being a chef?

know how to cook

What are the chances of being a chef?

depends on how good you are and who you know

What are some basic food theories a sous chef must know?

Chef have to know alot of stuff so there alot of basic food/I'm pretty sure

What are 10 steps to became a chef?

As far as I know, to be a chef there arent any steps. To be a chef, you only have to cook for a living. I went looking for the same answer. I cook for a living, but never considered myself a chef. But no training or whatever makes you a chef. Just cook for a living.