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It would help to know where you live (country and region), what type of area your home is in (country farmhouse? city apartment? suburban duplex? mansion?) and maybe what culture or ethnicity you belong to. It might also make a difference to know if you are male or female and your age. Here is one possibility: "To test the fidelity of a lover according to a rural American custom, light a candle outdoors near his or her house. If the flame burns towards you or your lovers house the lover is faithful. If not the lover is faithless."

This comes from the following web page (also linked below):

The action is a bit alarming nevertheless and could be illegal (depending on the ordinances in your area) since it involves an open flame near a dwelling. One thing you might want to do is alert your neighbors.

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It’s some kind of magic spell I wish u run to church and pray on it

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Q: Does anybody know what it means if someone lights a candle outside your back door I came home last night and there was a candle lit in front of my back door Somebody please answer im freaking out?
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