Does anybody like U2?

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Bands that sound like U2?

One band that sounds like U2 is The Smiths. Also, The Cure, The Hot House Flowers, REM, The Police, and Talking Heads are pretty similar to U2.

Does Sasuke like anybody?

No, Sasuke does not 'like' anybody.

How do you get to like U2?

when i first listened one

Who are U2?

U2 is a pop band

Is Aladdin for little kids only?

Of course not! Anybody can like it. Anybody can like anything they want!

What country did the u2 form?

U2 is from Dublin

Who is the leader of U2?

Theres no leader of U2

The members of the band U2 are from where?

U2 is from Ireland

What do you think of the band name Us?

i like it It might look like your ripping off U2.

When did u2 form?

U2 formed On 25 September,

What year did U2 form?

U2 formed in 1976.

Do Sasuke like anybody?


Does anybody here like me?

Not me...

Can teen cancer boys like Scorpio girls?

Of course, anybody can like anybody I matter what their star sign is.

Who is been around longer metallica or u2?

Well Metallica was formed in 1981...and U2 in 1976.So U2.

Who has sold more albums worldwide U2 or Depeche Mode?

for sure U2, they are Illuminati like Rihanna, Madonna, Jay-Z, Kayne West and all the other 4ssholes.

What is the capital of the country U2 is from?

U2 are from Ireland ; the capital of which is - Dublin.

Who sings the song 'Beautiful Day'?


Who wrote the song Pride In the name of love?

U2 U2

What kind of band is U2?

U2 is an Irish Rock Band.

Who sold more records u2 or lady gaga?


What year was U2 most popular?

Never U2 sucks

Who makes more money U2 or Pearl jam?


What root system does a carrot have?

mga tanga u2 u2

Who does white mage like?

She doesn't like anybody.