Does anyone have a corduroy fetish?

Yes, many people have corduroy fetish, including myself and my lady friend. I love midwale corduroy and so does she. The other day both of us were wearing our favorite corduroy pairs of pants and we went to the movie theater. This theater had couch style seating. My lady friend reached out with her hand and placed it on my knee. Soon she started to rub my knee lightly with her sharp finger nails, at first up and down, then sideways lightly over my corduroy grooves. I started doing the same to her. She raised her hand above my knees and started to lightly rub my legs. I loved the feel of her nails lightly stroking both legs from side to side. I was doing the same thing to her and she started to breath deeply. She rested her head against my shoulder. I developed a huge hard on. She started to move her finger nails faster over my corduroy covered legs. Everyone once in a while she would reach up and lightly grab my hard on and would rake her nails across my penis shaft and over the top of my penis balls.She eventually kept her hand raking nails on and over the shaft continually raking over my corduroy covered penis and scratching a little harder so that not only Could I feel the vibration of her nails over my shaft but I also heard the vwip noise. I exploded in earth shattering orgasm and she continued to rub my shaft, she was also coming from the rubbing I was doing with my hand over her g spot. We often play like this in public.