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i love you from nizha

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Q: Does anyone have a list of world dictators who have been educated in an United States college or university?
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What are some colleges that start with the letter U?

· Union College · United States Air Force Academy · United States Military Academy · United States Naval Academy · University of Alabama · University of Michigan · University of Tennessee · Utah State University · Utica College

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The United States boasts top institutions such as Princeton University, Williams College, and Harvard University.

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No she was not- if you were to read her biography, it plainly states that she did not attend college. She was educated by a private writing tutor.

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American Pacific University

Names of schools starts with letter U?

Union College, United States Air Force Academy, United States Military Academy, United States Naval Academy and University of Alabama begin with the letter U. University of Michigan, University of Tennessee, Utah State University and Utica College begin with the letter U.

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There are many colleges that were founded in the United States. However, the first ten include College of Henricopolis, Harvard University, College of William and Mary, St. John's College, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Moravian College and Theological Institute, University of Delaware, Princeton University, as well as Washington and Lee University.

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· Xavier University (Cincinnati)

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Georgia State University is a university located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

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Michelle Obama is the wife of 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. She attended college at Princeton University.