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If you want to have an arctic wolf account with pet arctic wolf, you will have to open an account.

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Q: Does anyone have a member arctic wolf account with pet arctic wolf?
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What is an arctic wolf account on animal jam?

A arctic wolf account is a member account with a arctic wolf on Animal Jam. To get a arctic wolf, you need to have a arctic wolf code.

Does anyone have an rare rare arctic wolf account they will give up?

If you want a tare arctic wolf account, simply go to their forums and ask for one.

How do you get a arctic wolf in Animal Jam if you are a nonmember?

There is no way to get an Arctic Wolf as a non-member, however if you are previously a member, you can easily complete a glitch which allows you to become a non-member Arctic Wolf.

What is the Arctic wolf's order?

The Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos) is a member of the Carnivora Order.

Do you have to be a member in animal jam to get arctic wolf?


What is an unused arctic wolf code?

well ts card to get a membership from the store then you have to type it in on the redeem your code page and then it will give your accounts a member account

Is a gray wolf an Arctic wolf?

The Arctic wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf.

How do you be a arctic wolf when nonmember on AJ?

If you were a member previously, but lost membership, you could still use your member animals.

Is an Arctic wolf a mammal?

Yes, an arctic wolf is a mammal.yes

Is a arctic wolf an omnavor?

An arctic wolf is a carnivore.

Who would win arctic fox or arctic wolf?

Arctic wolf. Too big for the fox.

How is a person different from an Arctic wolf?

an Arctic wolf has fur

How do you get a Arctic Wolf on Animal Jam?

it is ARCTIC WOLF is the code

What is German word for arctic wolf?

Arctic wolf = Polarwolf

Is an arctic wolf mammal?

Yes, an arctic wolf is a mammal.yes

Is the Arctic wolf from the northern or southern hemisphere?

The Arctic Wolf and the Arctic are in the Northern Hemisphere.

Is an Arctic wolf a reptile?

No, Arctic wolves are mammals and not reptiles.

Are the gray wolf and Arctic wolf the same?

No. The Grey wolf is a wolf reining in forested reigons. It's fur color can range from black, grey, orange, red, silver, white, etc. But the Arctic wolf is a breed that specifically lives in the Arctic, or colder climates.An Arctic wolf is a type of gray wolf, but not all gray wolves are Arctic wolves.

Is there such thing as an Arctic wolf?

Yes. There are several subspecies named the Arctic wolf (arctos, tundrarum, albus) . Just google arctic wolf and you can find more.

Does the Arctic wolf beat the Arctic fox?

no the fox will win

Is the Arctic wolf an endangered animal?

No, the Arctic wolf, a race of the gray wolf, is not an endangered species.

Who will win a fight against a gray wolf or an Arctic wolf?

A Gray wolf is stronger than any wolf in the world But if the Arctic Wolf get a lot of there pack members then the Arctic Wolf would win

Is the Arctic wolf gift card code different for every Jammer?

exatly no i am not a member but i have seen a arctic wolf named expert somthing somthing :D C: lolz omg!! XD -.- charlize out!

How do you download the arctic wolf on animal jam?

to get an arctic wolf you have to go to walmart :|

When was Arctic wolf spider created?

Arctic wolf spider was created in 1872.