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Does anyone have the mystic ticket on Pokemon fire red how did you get it?


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Will there be a place in 2009 that you can get a mystic ticket for pokemon fire red?

The mystic ticket only existed of fire red leaf green and emerald. Basically it is unobtainable in Pokemon pearl diamond and Platinum

To get the mystic ticket in fire red/leaf green you must go to a nitendo event and trade it with mystery gift. This is the only way i know.

The Mystic Ticket is an event only Pokemon in Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green that allows you to go to Navel Rock where Ho-oh and Lugia await you.

you need the mystic ticket and only time to get that happened a few yrs ago and if u got the mystic ticket its on 8 island in the navel rock

Ho-oh is located on Navel Rock in Pokemon Fire Red Version. If you want to get there, you need a mystic ticket.

on rainbow island 17 talk to the proffeser he will give you a choice of entei,raikou or suicune

to get to island 9 on fire red im not sure but you need either mystic ticket or aroura ticket sorry guys i don't know where to get them! but i think it has to do with Nintendo events or something...

You must go to a Nintendo sponsored event using the mystery gift to unlock the mystic ticket.

First you go into the pokemart and on the clipboard on the counter type in "link together with all" and the clerk should say something , then save the game. After that you should have mystery gift on you title screen, then link up with someone else who has Pokemon fire red mystery gift and you should get the mystic ticket at a pokemart for free.

If you have Mystic Ticket,you will get much more Pokemon in there,but to have a ticket you need to have wirelles adapter.Then go to the any mart then there you will see a letter.Press A button then write LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL.When you do that,the shopkeeper will give you mystical ticket,when you do that,save it then go again and when there will be New game and Continue,You will get a new message that is writen with Mystical Ticket.Go there and be sure your Wireless Adapter is on. *uh i think that just activates Mystery Gift, not the Mystic Ticket(?) mistic gift is the ticket. now look a fish <*><

I am playing fire red and I've never even heard of the mystic and aurora tickets.

To get to navel rock you need the mystic ticket which is given out at Nintendo events which in this case already happened so bad news you can't go there.

To get a Eon ticket you have to got to a Nintendo Event to receive the Ticket

The Aurora Ticket is an event ticket (although some have been obtained otherwise). In Pokemon emerald (or fire red), go to any Poke mart. Type in link together with all on the questionnaire. Next save the game, turn it off, then back on and on the main menu, equip mystery gift. Then link with someone on the gba cable on the mystery gift. You have to do this at a real life machine (sorry, I forgot what it's called) which is in Japan and New York. You'll then have an aurora ticket and/or mystic ticket transferred to your copy of Pokemon emerald (or fire red). Hint:You can also have some legendary and/or shiny Pokemon transferred to your copy of Pokemon emerald (or fire red) while obtaining the mystery gift.

Ho-Oh is unobtainable in the wild in Ruby or Sapphire without cheating. You will therefore need to trade for it from Pokémon Colosseum...or Fire Red, Leaf Green, or Emerald if you have access to the Mystic Ticket.

Lugia cannot be caught on Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire without cheating. You will therefore need to trade for it from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness...or Fire Red, Leaf Green, or Emerald if you have access to the Mystic Ticket.

You have to get the Mystic Ticket and got to Navel island and there they will be. It's an old Nintendo event thing so nowadays the best way would be a cheat code which unfortunately I don't know any.

Mystic Water increases the power of all Water-type attacks however in Pokémon FireRed, the increase in power is only a 10% increase.

You must use a gameshark or action replay.

Well when you SEE all 150 Pokemon prof. Oak will give you a deploma then go to cinnibar island and head inside and talk to bill...and be ready for an adventure!! Then when you own all 150 Pokemon you can get the mystic ticket! (which you can only get in an event) this allows you to get ho-oh and lugia! yipee

No, Fire Heart doesn't die in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Go to any Pokemon mart. Look for a clip board on the main desk where the owner is. It is on the down side. It is a form. Type the words link together with all. The owner will be surprised and inform u about mystery gift. Save the game and turn off. When you start mystery gift option will be there. Use it to get the ticket. Hope I helped.

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