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Positive Z: zealous, zestful. Negative Z: ???

Positive K: Kind, keen

Negative K: kooky(?)

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Q: Does anyone know any positive and negative character traits that start with the letter z and that start with the letter k too?
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Did the letter writing make positive or negative impacts to the world?

It depends what is written in the letter. Hopefully positive!

What positive description starting with letter n?


What are some positive and negative adjectives that begin with the letter R?

reliable, rude

How do you write a good character letter to a judge for someone?

In a character letter to a judge, include positive characteristics of the defendant. Use business style, structure, and good grammar.

What are some positive character traits that begin with the letter O?

- optimistic - outgoing - outstanding

What are some character traits that start with the letter P?

Polite Personable Petty Positive Perky

What emotions both positive and negative start with the letter E?

Empathy - enthusiasm- elation - are considered (by me) to be emotions.

How to convert negative sentence to positive sentence?

Because of a mistake in its address, your letter did not arrive until january 3.

Positive character traits beginning with letter n?

nice, neat, nifty, natty, nimble, noble, notable, nurturing

What is cheerfulness of business letter?

Cheerfulness in a business letter equates to using a positive attitude. Cheerfulness should not mean frivolousness, cheerfulness should be used in a professional manner. Even a letter that has a negative purpose or delivers bad news can be worded from a positive point of view.

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rh negative is not a unique blood type. Rather, it means that the blood is missing the Rh factor that those with Rh positive blood. This is denotated by the word "positive" or "negative" that is said as part of the blood type, after the letter type, A, B, AB, or O.

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DEAR SIR, I will request you to ........ If reply is positive then ? "Thank you, sir." if reply is negative then ? "How dare you?"