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Q: Does anyone know how to make the designs that started in the able sisters in Animal crossing city folk because I accidentally lost mine?
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On Animal Crossing City Folk how do you get paved roads?

you make a design at able sisters then go outside and go to your designs and choose display on floor.

Can you make more than 8 designs at the able sisters on animal crossing?

If you mean city folk, then yes. But you have to put your other designs in the design storage. You need to talk to Mable to get it. In wild world and the gamecube version you can, but you can's see the other designs you made again.

How do you make designs in Animal Crossing Wild World for DS?

Go to the Able Sisters shop and talk to Mable. Choose "I want to design!" and you can start designing.

How do you hold more than eight patterns in Animal Crossing Wild World?

You can't, but each of the four characters can hold eight designs each, and anther eight can be displayed in the Able Sisters' shop.

Can you work for the able sisters in Animal Crossing wild world?

No you cannot work for the Able Sisters on Animal Crossing Wild World.

Did Bellerophon have any brothers and sisters?

He had a brother that he accidentally killed.

On Animal Crossing wild world ds how do you get famous?

Make designs and constellations. Im not sure if its possible to be famous but if you make a bunch of constellations and designs people will start wanting your autograph. If you have a friend that has animal crossing as well you can go in their town and put your design in their able sisters store and if their townsfolks like the design they will start asking your friend if they know you and asking for an autograph.

Why can't you work with the Able sisters in Animal crossing wild world?

You can't work WITH them, but you can make your own designs and post them on your own shirt table (in the center of the store) and later, you may even see some of the townsfolk wearing your design!

Who do the sorority sisters think they accidentally kill in the trailer for SORORITY ROW?


In the trailer for sorority row who do the sorority sisters think they accidentally kill?


Can Able sisters upgrade on animal crossing wild world?


How to make a road on animal crossing lets go to the city?

1.Go to The Able Sisters and make a design. You need 350 bells. 2. Make sure the design is a road. (You need enough money for four designs.) 3.The designs need to go sideways,upwards and downwards.4. Once you have done that go outside and lay down the designs in wich ever way you want.5. If you go back to the able sisters you can even make a roundabout.6.If you want it to be a real road, you will need to move it about when a ressistent moves on top of it.

How do you get a disconunt in the Mable sisters shop on Animal crossing?

No, you can never get a discount.

In Animal Crossing City Folk how do you get the frog hood?

You have to buy it at the Able Sisters.

When can you but a kimono wig on animal crossing wild world?

at the able sisters shop

Animal Crossing wild world Can able sisters expand?

Unfortunatly no,okay get it No.

Can you get a turban on Animal Crossing City Folk?

Yes. You can buy it at the Able Sisters!

How many shops are in Animal Crossing wild world?

Just two- Tom Nook's and the Able Sisters. how many shops are in animal crossing wild world

Can able sisters expand in animal crossing?

No, unfortunately not.

How do you get a mohawk on animal crossing wild world?

In Able Sisters, they give you hats, clothes and accesories. You can skip dates and check Able Sisters to see if they have it in stock or not.

How do you get strange clothes on animal crossing lets go to the city?

You can get clothes at Able Sisters, Gracie Grace, and you can also make your own clothes at Able Sisters.

How do you get a Mohawk in Animal Crossing City Folk?

you get one in a blue moon at The Able Sisters as a wig!

Animal Crossing wild world crown?

You can buy it in the Able Sisters store for 1,000,000 bells!

On animal crossing how do you get clothes for the person who askes for them?

Go to Tom Nook or Able Sisters and get the clothes.

How do you get better clothes on animal crossing wild world?

look in the able sisters{ the shop next to nooks}