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Q: Does anyone remember that show from ABC family that had the husband named Bill and the theme song showed pictures of them through the years with the fridge magnets moving?
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Do magnets work though glass?

No Magnets usually work through metal magnets often work through iron

Do magnets attract through rubber?

Magnets can attract through anything, including rubber, if they're strong enough.

Do magnets attract through paper?

Yes, magnets will attract through paper. The paper will not "block" the magnetic lines of force, or "reroute" them by "conducting" them through itself.

What can magnets work through?


Do magnets attract through leather?


Can magnets attract through rubber?

yes, yes they can. well depends on how thick the rubber is and how strong the magnets are

Are electricity and magnets related?

obviously electristy when passed through an iron nail nail becomes temporary magnets

Do magnets work through plastic?

It will depend on how thick the plastic is. Plastic does not affect the magnetic fields, so if the field is big enough, it will work through the plastic.

What do magnet have to do with simple motors?

Motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy through moving electric conductors through a magnetic field. Magnets can be permanent magnets or electromagnets.

Can magnets attract through water?


Do magnets go through silicon?

obviously no!

How do magnets make electricity?

Magnets make electricity by moving electrons through conductive material. This is accomplished by a variable magnetic field by either rotating a conductive wire in between magnets, or rotating magnets around a conductive wire.

What are the types of magnets?

Ferro-magnets, permanent magnets, temporary magnets, and electromagnets. Ferro-magnets are magnets that are magnetic at a higher temperature than room temperature. do not quote me on that. permanent magnets are magnets that are always magnets, they are the kinds you use a lot. Temporary magnets are things that are magnetic in an extrenal magnetic field. Last but not least, electromagnets. Electromagnets are coils of wire around a cobalt, nickel, or iron. When ou run electricity through the wire, the core and wire become magnetic.

Why do magnets attracts metal?

Magnets attract metal through their magnetic field. It is only attracted to Ferris metals such as Steel.

Is there a way you can permanently delete pictures of your phone?

Connect your phone to a computer and manually delete it. Remember to search through many folders, since thumbnails of it can secretly be saved.

Is there a difference between magnets and electromagnets?

"electro magnets" are magnetic ONLY when electricity travels through a coil of wire surrounding them. "Magnets", as you state it, are permanent magnets and remain so independent of and not dependent upon any additional electrical charge.

Why can magnets attract through paper or plastics?

because it can

What colours will a magnets filter let through?


Can magnets attract through wax paper?

Yes, they can.

Can a magnets force go through an object?


How do you reclaim magnets from computers?

I'm unsure of what you mean by "reclaim magnets," but the only thing close to a magnet would be in the toroidal inductors (you can see pictures on google) with a magnetic material inside. Unsolder the toroids and take off the wire to get the metal. Otherwise the magnetic fields are simply created by current going through wire. The field collapses very soon after current stops.

Do magnets attract through water?

They attract through air, the attract through wood. Read between the lines.

Are permanent magnets the same thing as regular magnets?

Yes Permanent magnets is the term used to describe magnets that are always magnetic, an non permanent magnet would be an electro magnet which is only a magnet when an electric current is put through it.

Why are magnets used?

Electro magnets can be very useful to carry heavy loads of iron and metal from one side of a factory to another. Electro-magnets are formed by shooting electricity through a coil of copper.

Where can someone purchase wedding magnets?

Wedding magnets are available through fabric and craft stores like JoAnn Fabrics or Michael's Craft Store. Such magnets are popular little items for married couples.