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yeah he is beyond hot!!!

he's not hot. HES SEXY!!!!! i love im so much. hes my idle.

not sexy, but gorgeous (:

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โˆ™ 2009-11-02 15:37:27
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Q: Does anyone think that Nick Jonas is hot?
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I think Nick Jonas so hot do you?

OF COURSE HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nick Jonas is burning hot!!!

Do you think that Nick Jonas is HOT?


Does NIck JOnas think Selena Gomez is hot?

no nick is really good friends with her they are not together

Who thinks Nick Jonas is hot?

I think he's ugly! for some reason.

What is a definition of Nick Jonas?

nick Jonas is the yongest Jonas brother a awsome hot band

Does anyone out there think Nick Jonas is the hotest boy ever?

well its hard i meen rrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hard to find a boy even close to as cute and hot as him

You want to kis Nick Jonas?

Because he is Nick. Nick+HOT=Kiss x HOT= HOT Nick you want you kiss

Who is cuitie Nick or Joe Jonas?

NICK JONAS!!!!!! he is SO hot!!!!!! and he writes most of the Jonas Brothers songs, a talented and hot man, mmmmmm.....CUTIE!!!

Who wrote Wrong Again by Nick Jonas?

nick is hot

In what way is Nick Jonas sensitive?

Nick Jonas' eyes are sensative of sun light or light, when he goes out in the sun you can she his eyes are closed more and i think that is cute and he is hot and cute

Joe Jonas is so hot?

joe is hot nick is not

Is Nick Jonas hto?

Do You Meen Hot? Do You Meen Hot?

Is Nick Jonas bad?

Nick Jonas couldn't be bad if his life depended on it! He is soooo hot and talented!

What type of car does Nick Jonas have?

The cutie Nick Jonas Has a HOT BLACK MUSTANG!! Sports Babe

Why is nick Jonas and joe Jonas hot?

You can ask his mom or dad about that.

Why don't you think Kevin Jonas is hot?

Kevin Jonas is not the hotttest. he is the most SWEETEST!! of the group joe Jonas is the hottest and nick is more ofthe cute type

Is Joe Jonas hot or cute?

Yeah like he has a cuteness to him but denifinly HOT! super super HOT!!!!!!!! yeah Y THE HELL WOULD ANYONE LIKE NICK RIGHTJOE IS DA BEST ONE AND NICK IS A JERK

Who is hotter Zac Efron or Nick Jonas?

zac efron is hotter but nick Jonas is really hot 2!!

Is the Jonas brother hot?

I believe that nick is hot but other than that,no

Whose hotter Kevin Jonas or Frankie Jonas the bonus Jonas?

Defenetly Kevin. Why would anyone think frankies hot? hes only 9!!!!!!!!!!!

Is joe hot or nick?

Joe. But there are sometimes when all of the Jonas brothers are hot.

Is Nick Jonas so HOT?

Yes he is! are you crazy?! i love him. and if u think hes so hot then back off, sista! lol just kidding. there's plenty of nick to go around

Nick Jonas s current weight in klm?

probably he's so hot i don't think about his weight much.

Who is the cuttest jobro?

1.nick jonas 2.joe jonas 3.kevin jonas but there all hot

Is Nick Jonas insanley hot?

He's pretty cute.