Does anyone truly know why the chicken crossed the road?

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I do. It wanted to get to the other side. But why? That is the REAL question.
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Does anyone truly know what started the Vietnam War?

France controlled Vietnam up until WWII when Japan took it over. After WWII Japan was forced to give up the area. Vietnam began a strong Nationalist movement in the time that followed when France began to regain control of Vietnam. They fought up to where the line between North and South Vietnam use ( Full Answer )

Why did the chicken cross the road?

The timeworn and pedestrian answer is simply "to get to the otherside." Here are some creative and original answers: The chicken crossed the road. This fact is rarely disputed.But why did the chicken cross the road? No entirely satisfactoryexplanation has ever been agreed upon. The most popula ( Full Answer )

How did the chicken cross the road?

\nTypically such animals will use legs to travel between locations, however it has been speculated that this bird-like creature may have used his/her wings. Very fast if it was a smart chicken. Too slowly if it wasn't.. Because it wanted to make fun of the joke. Oh sorry you put HOW. Well, it pro ( Full Answer )

Why didn't the chicken cross the road?

The chicken didn't cross the road because... - there was a KFC restaurant on the other side. - it was busy changing a light bulb. - there was no one there to egg it on. - it didn't want to lay it on the line. - it was marching to the beat of a different drumstick. - it didn't want to be chick ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the question Why did the chicken cross the road?

In ancient times, when farmers were first domesticating animals , they chose large areas of grasslands that they closed in with tall wooden fences , so the wild chickens couldn't fly over the top and would stay a reasonably short distance from the farmer's house. The farmer would put gra ( Full Answer )

How many chickens does it take to cross the road?

Answer . Well in the philosophy of the antidisestablishtarianism from the ghetto part of Matt Barton's heart... It says the answer is 1. . Answer . It would depend on how heavy the traffic was. There is a better chance for one chicken to cross a rural country road, then 10 chi ( Full Answer )

How do you cross the road with a chicken in hand?

1. pick up your chicken\n2. hold it firmly\n3. step out onto the road\n4. if you put all your weight on the foot\nthat you stepped with, and then bring \nyour other foot in front on the foot that you stepped with,\nyou can kind of propel yourself forward if you keep\ndoing this.\n5. when your reach ( Full Answer )

Why did the purple chicken cross the road..?

\nIt has been speculated that a purple chicken might use the same motives as a regular chicken. The speculated answer is of course, to get to the other side.

10 reasons why the chicken crossed the road?

1. He was sleepwalking. 2. he was sick of the communism on his side so he crossed the road on Americas behalf. 3. Every time you ask these question another chicken crosses the road.. 4. WHY CANT HE!!!!!!!!. 5. He saw another chicken which he wanted to chat to. 6. let sleeping chickens lie. 7. ( Full Answer )

Who invented the why did the chicken cross the road joke?

The exact origin of the riddle is obscure. Its first known appearance in print occurred in 1847 in The Knickerbocker , a New York monthly magazine: An 1847 version of the joke was possibly its first appearance in print. ...There are 'quips and quillets' which seem actual conundrums, but yet are ( Full Answer )

What animal knows how to cross the road?

Besides humans, no animal can safely and consistently cross the road. And even people have no guarantee, as witnessed by the many thousands of pedestrian-vehicle accidents which happen every year. In terms of humor, however, it's traditional for a chicken to cross the road for purposes of the joke. ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal in Quitman Georgia for a chicken to cross the road?

NO!, Because a chicken can not help iself so yo woul have to wait for that chicken to cross the road because then you would go to jail for road kill for a helpless animal that you killed (The Right Answer) yes!!!! it is illegal for a chicken to cross the road in Quitman, Georgia...If you want proof ( Full Answer )

Why did the chicken cross the road theroretically?

1. maybe it had sexual attractions to another chicken on the other side of the road 2. if you ask this you will be downsized publicly for racism. 3. the magnetic force that made the chicken cross the road 4. it was sick of the communism on his side of the road 5. let sleeping chickens lie

Why is 'Why did the chicken cross the road' a joke?

Jokes are valued for the exciting little sense of shock, the new twist to your viewpoint, that comes with the answer. That is what makes us laugh. Or groan! A person asks you, 'Why did the chicken cross the road?' Of course you assume it is a joke. You try to think of a clever, complicated answ ( Full Answer )

Why did the one eyed chicken cross the road?

because it dropped its eye on the other side and had to get it back it was bored it wanted to die it lost a feather it was curious it farted and didn't want anyone to think it was him. it wanted to get to the other side to get to the Birdseye store

How did the chicken cross the road joke originate?

you know how people always say how did the chicken cross the road weel that's because in around 1930s in Texas it was market day and a man was selling chickens he had just sold one and was reaching down to get the chicken when i t all of a sudden got scared and ran of acroos the road and the man who ( Full Answer )

Why did the chicken cross the road riddle?

because there was a snake on his side there are actually many many answers to this riddle. One of the most common that I have heard is To get to the other side. OR It was the duck's day off. but there are way more than that.

Why does chicken cross the road when vehicles comes near?

Contrary to popular belief, they usually don't. A chicken is much more likely to run away, rather than run across the road. Chickens are not stupid, and will not walk directly into oncoming traffic, unless that is the only choice they have (if they are being chased for example).

What is the real answer to why did the chicken cross the road?

First of all she didn't cross the road she was driving down the road in her Mustang GT (Black with silver stripes) and then, all of a sudden around the corner she saw Lady CluckCluck and then started debating whether she was a hen or a rooster. As she continued driving down the road she heard some r ( Full Answer )

Does it take 5 chickens to cross the road?

Well, if your chickens happen to be methodically crossing random roads, I suggest that you talk to your therapist because this is quite strange. Or, drop out of the farming business because you kind of suck at it. If this does not get you anywhere, go ahead and ask your confused chickens why they ha ( Full Answer )

Why is the why did the chicken cross the road joke funny?

The joke itself is not really funny at all. It's the result of the joke that is funny. People who have not heard the joke will become victimized by their own intelligence. They will sit there and try to deduce why a chicken would cross a road, coming up with outlandish and foolish answers, when the ( Full Answer )

Who thought of the joke why did the chicken cross the road?

i believe it was a chicken one day that was crossing the road and decided to make jokes about himself. he shared them with his fellow chicks and they were in giggles, one of the chicks actually pee'd themselves and then it dr dolittle could talk to animals and found out about the joke and spread it ( Full Answer )

Why Did The Chicken Cross the road And Die?

Apparently, i just used the question for a joke, so why did thechicken cross the road? cause it wanted to know more why chickensare delicious

Why did Einstein's chicken cross the road?

I believe Einstein would say: "Whether the chicken crossed the road or the road crossed the chicken depends upon your frame of reference."

How do you know chicken breast is cross contaminatied?

If you want to know if a certain food is cross contaminated, you would need a microscope. What we can do is avoid that risk not mixing meat and fish or vegetables, cleaning thoroughly (almost desinfecting the working area). An idea: when I boil something, at times I introduce my wooden spoon and re ( Full Answer )